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Filipino talents are gaining fame now eh? With the simple use of Youtube, gaining popularity and exploiting potentials is just easy. Who doesn’t know Christine of Happyslip? Ranking second last year at the Youtube awards and showing her whacky talents in the web, who’ll not know her? The flipside of a person is always a big hit.

How about Charice Pempengco? After making Koreans awe in amusement with her incredible voice, the whole Youtube audience was astounded with her performance. She’s been seen by E’s Daily Top Ten. Even Ellen DeGeneres wanted Charice to come to her talkshow. She’s an exceptional Filipino talent and she’s just only in her tweeny years.

Who would forget the Cebu inmates dancing Michael Jackson’s Thriller in chorus? It’s delightful to see them dance wearing those orange uniform. Their dance became viral and ran across the globe with the speed of broadband technology. Now they are making more choreographed dances and somehow helped the inmates become productive behind bars.

Recently, another Filipino made it again because of the power of Youtube. He is Arnel Pineda, former lead vocalist of The Zoo band and now the lead vocalist of a legendary American band, The Journey. He was discovered through a footage in YouTube while singing with his band, The Zoo in a bar in Quezon City. The rest is history. Here’s the news from G4TV:

If you thought Van Halen were the leaders of the hard rock pack when it came to a revolving door of lead singers, then think again.

After replacing original frontman Steve Perry in 1998 with Steve Augeri, who was forced to leave the band due to health problems, only to end up with Jeff Scott Soto in front temporarily, after a lengthy international search legendary rockers Journey have hired a Filipino fan to front the band.

The band discovered Arnel Pineda, from Quezon City in the Philippines via YouTube, when they saw footage of him singing their songs with his band The Zoo. read more at

Ok, I know many doesn’t know The Journey, but they have made waves during the 70’s and 80’s. They made hit songs like “Open Arms” and “Anyway You Want It”. Still don’t know them? Just search the wikipedia, I’m not really familiar with the band because I am not a full-grown man during the 70’s. Hey I’m just 24 okay?!

Here’s the footage of Arnel Pineda that caught the attention of The Journey.

Now, do not underestimate the power of youtube!



  1. I cannot help but admire this guy’s talent. He has a voice that would fit to any american rock group. Maybe, he might need a little help on his pronounciation and diction the american way and he’ll sure fit to the JOURNEY’S music and style. I love the Journey and more power!!

  2. Okay. this sounds so fanatic but hey, she’s already in LA waiting for her taping sched on Dec. 18 at the Ellen DeGeneres show. WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

    BTW, I thought I was listening to The Zoo months ago. I dunno… him being with the Journey for good? I don’t like the idea.

  3. Do I see a Youtube trend here? Just watch this guy belting out audience requested songs at Hard Rock Cafe in Manila. My favorite clip is their cover of “Heaven” by Bryan Adams. Just close your eyes and its freakin uncanny. Bravo. 😛

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