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Well, I was quite bored while waiting for my friends at Starbucks. Sketchpad eased my boredom while sipping my hot green tea.

I barely understand my own doodle but if someone will interpret it for me, then that’ll be good.

If this is an archaeological mural, how will you read this? If this is a prophecy, then what future can be seen here?



  1. I love your doodle. It looks better than some of the stuff I have to sell at the snooty gallery I work for. Oops, don’t tell anyone I said that. 🙂
    As for interpreting it, well… you got me stumped. If I weren’t coming off a hellish week I would be of more help.

  2. themanager3,
    No problem, secrets are safe with me. But not all. LOL.

  3. “Gimme a MacBook!”


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