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Starbucks Planner is a big hit for all coffee-holics and coffeeshops aficionados. Now if you’re wondering why everybody around us are hyped and seemed not to have enough sleep, blame Starbucks. Starbucks is evil—as everybody say. Collecting all 24 stickers (12 starbucks beverage and 12 Christmas beverages) is a great marketing scheme to drown their customers in caffeine to achieve that planner.

I have a Starbucks sticker pad too and I only need 8 more to fill it—the regular Starbucks beverages section that is. I only have one sticker on the other side. Well, it’s also because I don’t frequent coffeeshops and whenever I’m at Starbucks, I’m just ordering green tea and cinnamon swirl. I don’t drink coffee because I get poopy. Yeah! I know, I’m cheap… and I can be sold for 30 pesos a night.

So 4 stickers on the regular side + 1 sticker on the opposite page = 5 stickers overall. 11 stickers needed for the Christmas beverages column + 8 stickers for the Starbucks beverages side = 19 more stickers needed.

And I’m still bad at math!

I’m not enthusiastic to have that 2008 Starbucks planner anyway. If I’ll have that 24 stickers, then so be it. I just don’t get the fad. None of those I know really made those planners into use. They all end up empty and unmarked with any inks. And at the age of computers when Microsoft Outlook or any datebook software available in any gadgets today, who still needs an old school planner? Well, if they are collecting planners, they can also go to Gloria Jeans. They also have a promo like that and they only need 12 stickers to get that Starbucks planner Gloria Jeans planner.

I’ll be more enthusiastic if they’ll be giving away a moleskine notebook. I love the idea of doodling and free writing on a whitespaced beautiful notebook. I’m not fond of arranging my schedules anyway, so I really don’t need a planner. But it doesn’t mean I’ll be giving away my pitiful 5 stickers to anyone. If ever, IF EVER I’ll get that Starbucks 2008 planner, I’ll jot down my workout logs there.


What goes well with a cup of coffee—or a cup of tea in my case? A tough and a spill-proof PC of course by Ruff PC. The Thinking Blog is giving away a brand new Ruffbook Tech with a magnesium alloy casing that protects it from harsh conditions. This Ruffbook is excellent for extreme junkies. Blogging while rock climbing, chatting during skydiving or stripping in front of a webcam—maybe that’s too much. I think it will even work in the grave, just make sure there’s a sufficient power supply under there.

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I told ya, it’s tough!

My luck is not that good with raffles or contests but I’m giving a shot on this one. If I won’t be lucky with that Starbucks journal, maybe with this one. Who knows? I may bag that Ruffbook Tech. Wish me luck!



  1. Well, I have 5 stickers in my sticker book or pad(whatever it is called) too. It’s really few compared to other people I know who only need 4 stickers to get their planner. Their coffee is just expensive. 😐 But I want the planner. I don’t know why I want it but the last year’s planner helped me out a lot. It’s been a big use for me so I guess that’s the reason why I want the 2008 planner too. Hehe.

  2. I seriously don’t know why I’m like the only person who’s not going gaga over this planner/organizer thingy. I guess that’s because I am a hot mess when it comes to ‘organization’. I can’t help it, I’m anally-fixated.

    Oh well, boo. 😦

    Glad to be back here. I see you’re not the attending the Food Tour? Boo to you haha. 😛

  3. Charlene,
    I know some who already got their planner will have another one at any point this time. It’s good that planners work for you. You know how to utilize them.

    I’m not also that enthusiastic with the planners. I have my cellphone and outlook in my PC anyway.

  4. I fuckin LOVE this layout. AAAAAAAND the doodle too!

    😛 I’m not really trying hard with that planner. See, I only got 6 stickers. ;P

  5. Kevin,
    I only need 9 stickers now. Oh boy, I’m near!

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