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Golden Compass will be shown this Wednesday, November 5. I’m so excited to see it eversince I read an article of the movie in Wikipedia a year ago. After that, I bought the book and read it. It was delightful and made me more excited to see the live-action movie. Now I know what book enthusiasts feel when their favorite book will be shown on silver screen.

I ain’t have the next two books of His Dark Materials trilogy yet. I have plans to buy the 2nd novel, The Subtle Knife, this December. Or maybe I can save it to my wishlist for our company’s exchange gift. In that way, there’s a possibility I’ll have the two books immediately. If that doesn’t work, I bet someone is reading this blog and will give me those two books as a gift. I’m such a smart ass!

I don’t care about the controversies and hullabaloos surrounding the books and the movie. Whether it’s anti-Catholic, pro-atheist, or even pro-Osama Bin Laden, I don’t give a damn! If they forbid to show the movie or ban those books here, it will be bloodshed. I’ll make a mutiny better than what the Magdalo planned. Good thing, at times like those, pirated copies come handy. Now, I’m a geek talking.


More geek stuff here.

Remember Son Goku? The spiked hair guy with a monkey tail wrapped around his waistline in Dragonball Z? The guy who turns to a superpowered blond saiyan? He will have a movie. Dragonball Z is rumored to be in live-action movie by 2008. I don’t know if this one will be a crap or be great, but it is said that Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer) will produce this. I wonder how crazy the hairdo’s of the cast will have in this live-action version of Dragonball Z. They’ll need gallons of hair products to make those weird spiky hair. I can say it will be one hell of a crazy movie.


Somehow I feel addicted with Mr. Chips. I loved that junk food since birth—or as far as I can remember. I know, I know. Junk food is bad for my health. It’s loaded with sodium and other preservatives. Bad, bad, bad! Mr. Chips spells cancer, or maybe hypertension, or UTI. Scary! It’s only for sometime, not always. I love Mr. Chips. Besides, it has a Sangkap Pinoy seal of DoH (Department of Health) and fortified with 35% of vitamin A per serving and iron.


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  1. Mr. Chips is actually my favorite Filipino junk food haha.

    Plus, I can’t wait to see The Golden Compass. Haven’t read the book but I’m more excited about the movie.

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