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One hell of a week. That’s how I can describe this whole week. As for me, nothing exciting occurred. If watching 2girls1cup video and spread my puke all over the floor is exciting, then it is. Sadly I didn’t puke at all, it only took me a few seconds viewing it until my mouse clicked on the x-mark of the browser. And that didn’t even occur this week, I saw that video few weeks ago. I’ve just passed the disgusting madness to some of my victims friends.

Get under the desk, quick!

November 27, 2007. Tuesday, sometime during lunchbreak. I was at the canteen eating my sumptuous fatty cholesterol-infested calorie-heavy spicy lunch, sisig. I could feel my nose breaking my sweat because of the sisig I was eating. All of a sudden, I felt dizzy for no reasons at all. I thought I was having a hypertension. I cursed the pork sisig and already swore to the heavens that I won’t be eating anything that could harm my health and I would always drink those health supplements advertised on TV. I would do more cardio exercises at the gym and masturbate less. Until somebody uttered an earthquake was happening. I was relieved from the thoughts of hypertension—but of course not much because the ground was still shaking. The earthquake wasn’t that strong and lasted only less than a minute. I still managed to finish my lunch, yay!

On the other hand, my cousin thought his dizziness was just an aggravated symptom of his hunger. Little did he know it was already an intensity 3 earthquake until somebody realized it and told him.

I find others funny who didn’t feel the earthquake that are still curious of the feeling or somehow would still want to experience it. It’s ironic, it’s an earthquake and not a first-time sex!

Lunatics gone wild

November 29, 2007. Thursday. I guess everybody heard—or currently hearing (as of writing time)—about the coup attempt of Trillanes and his gang at Manila Peninsula here in Makati. Maybe the haloed moon last week messed up his brain once again. Poor fella! I voted for him last election. Senate would just be a bore if we would not put someone crazy up there—see Miriam. Now, the Magdalo leader had already made a commotion and the government summoned their troops to arrest him and his gang. I feel for Trillanes, because I know the feeling of being delirious. Hail the crazy people in the world!

Don’t worry, after all those events I’m still alive. I was not swallowed by the ground or got holes in my chest. I can still eat sisig and visit Ayala Center anytime.

Summing it all, this has been a very crazy week… and it’s not over yet.


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  1. This is one heck of a week. I just don’t get the whole Trillanes thing though, like wtf talaga. Hahaha.

    Few months ago we had an earthquake which lasted for around 4 minutes and reached up to almost 5RS. I was online and I really thought I was dizzy coz I didn’t have much sleep and it was midnight. My friend was already freaking out on the other end of the IM window typing, “FUCKK SHIIT EARTHQUAKE!” That’s when I knew. Hahaha.

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