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Weekend’s here again. A homestretch from all the work hullabaloos and stress. What a relief! I’ll have a lot of me time and relax for a shortwhile again—I hope. Long weekend is also approaching next week (November 30 to December 2), it’s a perfect time to have a break. And more break is coming by December. Hurrah!

After seeing Beowulf at IMAX, I have to constrain my budget. It’s not because I’m nearly broke, I need to save as much as I can. I’ll be buying a Ford Mustang GT—50 years from now. But really, I’m trying my best to save because I’m spending too much. I’m just flushing my greens down the drain… or maybe my salary is not sufficient anymore to sustain my expensive lifestyle.

Tomorrow, I’ll be seeing Insiang at CCP prior to Gibbs‘ invitation. I won’t be waiting for December anymore just to see a stageplay again. Well, of course, I’ll still be seeing Avenue Q on December 16. Only tomorrow’s not for free unlike my tickets for Avenue Q are my prizes from winning the raffle during the Theater Talk. It’s OK because actors are performing brilliantly and live. I can’t wait for tomorrow, but there’s a storm approaching. I won’t let that typhoon to get in my way or else I’ll have those storms banned in our country!

Aside from seeing Insiang, I also want to see Hitman and Enchanted at the cinemas. Since I’m stretching my budget until next week, I’ll just use those money for buying my ticket for Insiang tomorrow. I’ll just wait for the next payday to see those two anticipated movies. And yeah, Golden Compass will also premiere on the first week of December. Geesh!


I’m a bit disappointed with our cable subscription. Solar Entertainment’s channels will be pulled out from our subscription. It will last until December 30 this year. I dunno what’s the fuss between Sky Cable and Solar. Though Sky Cable is putting up two additional channels like Maxx and Velvet, I think Solar’s ETC channels, JackTV, Solar Sports and Crime & Suspense are better than those new ones. I’ll be missing my fave shows like UFC—Ultimate Fighting Championship and not that catsup brand, silly—at Solar Sports, almost updated America’s Next Top Model, Prisonbreak, etc. We may want to change our cable subscription to a better and cheaper competitor but my mom loves the Lifestyle network which showcases Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meal and Iron Chef America.

Somehow, the new channels of Sky Cable especially Maxx is interesting. It has G4TV shows in it, like the Attack of the Show. It awakens the geek in me. I’ve also learned two new interesting tools of a web junkie like me. is a website that will compete against YouTube. They say it’s a YouTube killer because they host TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, Saturday Night Live and the geek-lovers’ Heroes. Though the site is still in private beta testing. It means you need to have an invite before you can watch in their site. I signed up to be included in their invite list and I received an email informing me that they will send an invitation whenever they are ready for me. That sounds like I made a wedding proposal!?

Another one is Flock. It’s a web browser specialized for social networking. It features drag and drop functions which make posting images, embedding videos and blogging easier. I tried it here at the office and it seems nice. The GUI is a bit crowded because of the necessary tools for social websites, feeds and blog editing.

Woah! That’s quite a mouthful. I’m even promoting websites. I should get paid for this.



  1. Waaaah! Hindi ako makakasama bukas. Huhu. Have fun na lang sa inyo. >_<

  2. Nowadays, I’m more careful in spending my allowances because my birthday is drawing near. Got to save up. Kaso, wala rin kwenta kasi sa hapon yung class ko on that day.

    Ma-try nga yung Flock. Astig yung drag-and-drop feature ah.

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