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Last night, I dodged hundred arrows, had a spear pointed at my left eye, almost had an axe on my forehead, soared to the skies and dived to the open sea. I was also hit by a harpoon, slammed to a tree branch, crushed by boulders and caught in between body parts. Yet, I’m still here alive, writing some of my craps. Where was I last night and I sounded like I was in a battle? I was in a battle alright. I was in a war between men, demons and a hot dragon momma with a built-in stilleto on her heels at IMAX watching Beowulf.

Note: This is not a movie review of Beowulf. There are no spoilers here so read on or I’ll devour your heads.

I was pissed yesterday. So pissed that it made me go to SM Mall of Asia and splurge. Yes, SPLURGE. I decided to watch Beowulf second-time around but this time at IMAX because I read it was far better in 3D theater. The ticket was worth 400 pesos. It was a quite expensive for a third-world graphic designer earning just a few centavos but what can I do? I FEEL rich that day. Though I knew later on I would regret spending that 400 pesos.

Hungry I was at the cinema because I arrived exactly when the movie was about to start. Geesh! I hadn’t even bought a bag of popcorn to munch on. Oh well, I was one ride home anyway. I could gorge on our dinner afterwards.

It was not my first time inside the IMAX. I saw Ant Bully at the same cinema. My mindset for IMAX is not to watch a movie where the 3D scenes are only portions of the entire film. Of course I need to splurge on something in full and not just in a fraction. I felt relieved after dodging 3D ranged arsenals and falling debris—but not with overspending. All the stress had been eaten by the mighty monster Grendel and so with my money.

Beowulf is indeed better at IMAX, so if you’re rich—or feel like one—go buy a ticket and wear those 3D glasses. It’s worth it, really. Now back to work and get that 400 pesos back.

But I think it’s more worth it if they’ll be having Bangbus Movie in IMAX 3D. I’ll be anticipating that.


Yap I changed my layout in a darker tone. It’s not totally black, it’s a darker tone of gray. I still dislike black background on blogs.



  1. I never actually seen a real movie in IMAX. Just the ones in Disneyland haha. I want to though, seems really cool 😀

  2. I’m diggin’ the new layout.. ^_^

    Gusto ko rin mag-IMAX.. sana one of these days hehe.. uber layo kasi ng MoA sa amin eh.

    Ang sarap mag-comment kasi feel ko yung font style and size hehe.

    ** (Medyo na-doble po ata yung search tool and blogroll nyo, probably you didn’t notice..)

  3. nice layout. as far as the film is concerned, did you think it was good?

  4. Juice,
    You gotta try IMAX but I wanna go to Disneyland too.

    Yap, noticed it. Thanks. 😉

    I can say Beowulf is not that spectacular in terms of script and CGI puppetry but it is good enough to watch. Mediocre for short. The film is specifically designed for IMAX, so watch it there. There’s a total difference!

  5. ei i’m liking your blog, hope to exlinks, drop by nlang when you have the time 😀

  6. I’m such a loser. I haven’t been to MoA so naturally I haven’t tried IMAX. And I call myself a city girl. tsk.

    Lovely blog btw 🙂

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