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If there’s one rule that can overpower Confucius’s Golden Rule then this is it.

For one, if we are the customer we’ll love this. We can be bitchy or assholes and do our part of lambasting those people who caters insufficient service to us. When we are the customer, we are the king. WE ARE THE BOSS. Who doesn’t want that? We are selfish beings who likes to be pampered like a baby and being spoonfed all the time. We love to make our lives easier while we make them miserable. But not all can be boss all the time, are we?

We all have jobs or for some time in our life we need to work. Most jobs offer services or products to clients, consumers and customers. Then that also mean, we also follow that most annoying rule. The customer is always right. Even our bosses have no power over the customers; they have our bosses’ necks within their fists. Not even Donald Trump can rule over this ridiculous regulation. Who would have thought that simple rule could be a curse that enslave all human beings?

I’ll surely condemn whoever on earth created that rule. I’ll butcher him/her to pieces if ever I’ll find him today. I’ll stack his/her pieces inside our fridge so that the following day I can mince it more. Then I’ll add some spices, cook it in a pan and serve it in a sizzling saucer, now I’ll have a sizzling sisig for an unwanted guest. I’ll have the bones pulverized to make that yummy tasty polvoron for dessert. Exquisite!

That’s a bit morbid. Don’t worry I’m not a cannibalistic homicidal maniac, I’m just crazy.

It’s just annoying that we have to serve obnoxious clients whether we are the owner or a simple blue-collar employee of a company. Oh well! There’s nothing we can do about it, do we? We have work because of our clients, our businesses earn money because of our customers. No one is really a boss until ourselves become the customer. That’s why most of us enjoy being a customer and be on rampage when dissatisfied. So far, I have never done such a scandalous remark as a customer, just something evil.

We are all workers, we are all customers. So let’s all act fairly. But the world is unfair, let’s live with it.

Waddaheck I’m talking?! This is what I get for being a manwhore who always need to satisfy my clients. WHOOOOPS!!!



  1. It feels great to be the customer since the boss keeps on nodding on what the customer wants. It depends on the situation, though.

    But being the boss is great, too, because in the end, the boss enjoys the fruits of his labor. It depends on how big is that fruit, though.

    Wait… Am I making sense?

  2. I used to think that ‘customers ARE always right’ not until I worked as an agent in a BPO company.. now the table had turned my thinking into:

    “customers ARE always right TO AN EXTENT AND WITHIN GOOD REASON”.

  3. Well, speaking as a self-employed person, I struggle with that dilemma everyday – crazy clients who think they’re 100% right. They’re NOT always right… and often, they don’t even know what they want. But I figure, that’s what they paid me the big bucks for — to help them figure it out.

    I prefer to convince them think that I think they’re right (when in fact, I don’t – not fully). My tactic is to understand what I’m capable of delivering, analyzing their needs/wants… as opposed to over-promising something that is… improbable/impossible.

    Then charging appropriately for my services. $$$, bwahahaha.

    Eh, but I know what you mean… At the end of the day, the damn bastards pay me… so, yeah, gotta make them happy.

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