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More than a week gone?! Where was I? I went hibernating again. In the professional world, a weekend is already a luxury and add to two more days it’s a grandiose vacation. I went totally offline for a few days. Well, it’s because our good ol’ phone line was broken therefore, hindering me from using the internet and making phone sex… Ooops!

I even switched my phone to silent mode so that its disturbing ringtone would not disrupt my nirvana. Though, I never really isolated myself from technological advances, I just endured the solitude and schizophrenic dreams. No phones, no internet, no twitter, no PC but there were TV and DVD. No porn either. Only mental masturbatory images could suffice my fornicated wet dreams. T’was like living in Big Brother’s abode without the fusses of a dictating unseen sibling.

Since communication was rare for me the past days, it was only yesterday I was informed of the jeepney fare hike. I was still paying an exact 7 pesos to the drivers while I was on my way to work. They didn’t complain. They may have mistaken me for a student because of my juvenile looks. If that was the case, I’m extremely flattered.

So where was I during the long weekend? I dunno either. My state of mind is still not functioning well. I better get a technician to fix this… a lovely technician!


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  1. Good for you then! I’m going to do that once my finals get over.. but I don’t think I’ll be able to survive. Hmm. Although, my phone is ALWAYS on silent mode because I hate receiving calls and texts nowadays. It’s okay if my phone gets taken away forever, just not my MacBook. Hahah.

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