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I registered and got an invite through Gibbs for the theater talk yesterday at PETA Theater. So did my friend Marco. We arrived fashionable and late (note that: it’s different from fashionably late) at the venue but it was just a couple of minutes and the introduction was just starting. I was surprised to see other blogger friends like Shari, Coy, Poyt and Joe there because I only knew LA and Jhed would be the only people I would be familiar with to attend on the said event.

So there we were, I was partnered with Chris to introduce each other to the audience and to Direk Floy. The talk was very lively and invigorating. Direk Floy was consistently flamboyant to liven the whole conversation. It was very interesting because I always appreciated theatre—and other forms of art—yet I just lacked the opportunity to see a real good stage play.

The Theater Talk

Direk Floy tackled on how to appreciate theater arts and how everyone in that industry wanted to create awareness to all interested audiences. And yes, we, the children of an uprising community of the new media would be a good move to make that awareness. Theater arts and like any other traditional artforms were slowly fading to the background because of the stronger influence of the current media like TV, movies, radio, etc. Since the battle with the stronger medium wouldn’t be easy, fusing with an uprising medium to promote an old-fashioned form of entertainment would be effective.

Movies and TV can be nauseating at times and the theater can make an alternative world from a spoonfed media. Though I went to a theater for only a few times but I could attest that the experience is rewarding. And yes, like Calvin, I wanted to try acting on stage too.

I was also lucky to win two tickets for the re-run of Avenue Q on December 16. I’m so excited for that day to come because I’ve never been to theater for a very looong time. Since the ticket is good for two, I don’t have anyone in mind to bring with me yet. And blogger friends are fighting for that other ticket. Sorry guys but I’m aiming now to have a girlfriend before December 16 to be my date on that day. That won’t be easy so I’ll be accepting application forms.

Damn Liquor Ban, Good Thing Coffee is not a Liquor

After the talk, we went to a night out. The liquor ban was imminent that night so we skipped being drunk and proceeded to have a coffee talk instead. Kevin and Irvin joined us while Joe, Poyt, Coy and Jeff arrived later after going to another post-event party. I was lucky to have my hand on Jeff’s thingie. That doesn’t sound right. I borrowed Jeff’s iPod Touch for a few minutes. Though Jeff didn’t have a porn stash there it was still orgasmic. A few more minutes it would be nirvana. Sadly, I didn’t have a Heroes planner like those of Coy’s and Joe’s. At least I won tickets.

Yeah, I was one lucky bastard. I had a feel of iPod Touch and I won tickets for Avenue Q. But I’ll be luckier if I’ll have a date on December 16.

So who wanna go on a date with me on December 16?



  1. Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me!

    Hehe! Bilis!

  2. Oh kamown! Ako na lang ang isama mo. Please, oh please. LOL!

  3. Shari & Jhed,
    Hanggang dito ba naman? I think there will be seven of you guys wanting that ticket. Don’t worry, kwento ko na lang sa inyo.

  4. Me too! I can ba your GF! Yes, I can be one! Bwahahaha! Gimme the tickets! Give it!

  5. You promised me 5 minutes, man. Haha!

  6. The only thing that interested me in this post is your iPod Touch experience. GAWD (slurp slurp), I wanna put my hands on that (slurp slurp)) iPod (slurp) t-tt-t-tt-Touch.. I want to touch that iPod Touch… ARRRRGH!

    (Lord of the Rings – Two Towers)


    Bwesit. Hendi man ako nagasama sa kimong pagagto. Naumos man ako, dong. Naiingit lang ako.

    BTW, what’s that AvenueQ thingie?

  7. avenue q tickets are expensive and you’re really lucky to win some! thanks for dropping by my site. i like your site. hope to bump into you again in the next event.

  8. Single ako! Ako na i-girlfriend mo. Pramis, hindi ka magsisisi! 😀

  9. LA,
    Isa ka pa!?

    It’s a stage play that won in 2004 Tony Awards for Best Musical.

    Thank you very much. Hope to see you again.

    Gagamitin mo lang ako, pagkatapos ng Avenue Q sasaktan mo lang damdamin ko. Huhuhu!

  10. Hi! I won Avenue Q tickets, too, haha. We’ll see you and your date there 🙂

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