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The other was one of my 3-day weekly visit to the gym. The moment I entered the gym there was something already wrong. I was heading to the stationary bike to have my warm-up when I heard one of the female customers whining loudly over those two girl gossipmongrel muay thai trainees just right at the front door. She shut up after a few exercises and no catfight occurred that night at the gym. That’s not the worst part that night. What could be worse than not seeing two girls engaging in a catfight at the gym?


Gym’s music should always have a lot of beats and fast tempo to get those muscles pump harder and calories to burn faster. It should make the trainees motivated to workout. Yes indeed, our neighborhood gym also has those type music. Their compilation of music ranges from hiphop, electronica, retro, some rock, and aerobics music. My only pet peeve song in their playlist is Fashionista by Jimmy James. There’s nothing wrong with that music except that it is sooo gay—or queer. I’m not against it from playing because there are also some ladies working out or doing aerobics in the gym. It’s just funny when all trainees left in the gym are beefed guys with monstrous arms pumping irons to the tune of Fashionista.

The other day was a bit different, the radio was turned on and tuned to a local bakya FM station.

While I was at the military press machine pumping irons to develop my delts a song disrupted my consciousness.

Mahal, pangako sa iyo
Hindi magbabago
Ikaw lang ang iibigin ko

It was Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin by Ariel Rivera. A romantic song indeed, but when did the gym became a wedding hotspot? As I was on my way to my next exercise, I thought the next song in the playlist would be something more energizing. My guess was ALL WRONG.

When times get rough
and your dreams just fall apart
and sometimes you feel that you can’t go on
Be strong, hold on

Yikes! I knew that song was enlightening but it was more of a funeral march. Marco Sison’s My Love Will See You Through would make everyone flood the gym with tears instead of smelly salty sweat. So did all these emotional music circus stop afterwards? Not yet. After the funeral march, another song came next to soften our muscles more.

We used to be frightened and scared to try
Of things we don’t really understand why
We laugh for a moment and start to cry
We were crazy

My goodness! When do I always hear that song? Yes, it’s graduation all right. That’s Farewell by Raymond Lauchengo. After the funeral march, here comes a good graduation song that will surely make any graduates to cry. Err, are we in PICC to hear that song?

If I was only at the bench press that night, I would be crushed by the barbell a lot of times. Fortunately, I survived.

Lesson: Don’t rely with the gym’s music always make a music player handy. No one knows if the gym will play crap music. So plug-in those earphones and listen solely to Mariah Carey’s Through the Rain while doing some squats.



  1. If I was in that gym, I would soo get peeved and leave already.

    Gym music is always good when it’s house, techno, hip hop or top 40. They should bear that in mind!

  2. your gym must be a strip club at night.

  3. intruiging ang gym…

    o well u take cre! hope to c yah soon… nice meeting u

  4. “Push me, and then you’ll touch me.. till I can get my.. satisfaction!”

    HAHA! Ganyan ang tugtog lagi sa neighborhood gym. So gay. HAHA!

  5. Paolo,
    I think so, and I’m one of their stripper. LOL.

    Satisfaction is not that totally gay anymore. It has become a staple house music. Fashionista is far gayer than Satisfaction.

  6. That’s frustrating. Another pet peeve at the gym would be hearing those songs (the upbeat ones) being played over and over. That can really distract you from your workout. I mean, there are thousands of songs out there fit for workouts right?

  7. tama ka, you should bring your own music source when at the gym. my gym always plays stupid techno music na paulit ulit. kaasar!

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