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The buzz around the Philippine Idol 2 (RP Idol) has been around lately. It has officially landed on the shores of a bigger and louder network of GMA-7 after their gory battle with ABC-5. Rumors say, Fremantle has a lot of unresolved issues with ABC-5 that’s why the bigger network has a better chance and a good choice to get the Idol franchise.

Some say, Fremantle Media is disappointed with ABC-5’s tampering of the Idol franchise in the Philippines. The producers of Idol are very strict with their rules, unlike Endemol which regulations are far more loose and adjustable to their franchise’s audience. So that means, putting unnecessary dancers around the Idol contestants is already against the rules of the original Idol outline. In US or other Idol franchises, there are no annoying dancers on stage while the finalists perform. The stage is absolutely made for the contestants and the band only. Another story says, the network formerly handling Philippine Idol is not sending the tapes to the producers in UK for reviewing. Seems like there are a lot of issues need to be resolved between Idol’s producers and the TV station.

Why RP Idol and not stay with Philippine Idol? I don’t find the new name appealing too. ABC-5 has not allowed GMA-7 to use the old name, Philippine Idol, for the second season of the said show. Using RP Idol is not really that catchy, but I heard they’ll be using Filipino Idol. Filipino Idol is appropriate, Pinoy Idol is better. Indio Idol? I don’t like that. But hey! That’s a cool alliteration.

GMA-7 will not consider Mau Marcelo the first Philippine Idol. I don’t have the facts for this rumor but it can be because of the changing of title or the transfer of channel. There may have been a rift between the two networks or between the old network and producers. This is quite twisted because GMA-7 already have Gian Magdangal and still getting other Philippine Idol Season 1 finalists to be their talents.

It’s a revamp. There’s already a change in name and there’s a lot more. Fremantle still wants Mr. C to be one of the judges but the other two will be replaced. So Mamita and Kiko will bid farewell to the Idol’s franchise and surely auditioning for the new set of judges will be held soon. Let’s hope they’ll get a more honest and effective judges or someone harsher than Simon Cowell. I’ll love to see Odette Khan or Raul Gonzales judging the contestants. Ryan Agoncillo is still the apple of the eye of the producers but sadly, he already accepted the hosting job for Pinoy Dream Academy 2. Who’ll be the host? We don’t want to see Regine Velasquez, Paolo Bediones or Raymond Gutierrez hosting Idol, are we? I like Mo Twister to host the show, he is a very effective tactless host… and controversial too.

Let’s hope for the best for the new season of Philippine/RP/Filipino Idol on early 2008. And, no more tampering please!

Disclaimer: Some stated here are unofficial and based from several hearsays only. The source is reliable but none of them are validated yet. This post is just a proof of me becoming a gossipmongrel. Yes, you read it right. It is really mongrel because I’m starting to smell like a canine now.

Geesh! I’m starting to become showbizzy now. Oh, I love the answerlink feature of wordpress. Yay!



  1. I didn’t watch Philippine Idol before because it looked so different from American Idol. And quite honestly, the contestants weren’t that much interesting. But if the new season will churn out interesting contestants, I might just watch , even if it’s on channel 7. Haha.

  2. Good news and bad news ito para sa mga Idol fans.

    Good news, dahil mas makilala ng husto ang mananalo sa Pinoy Idol. At least, sa GMA7.. magkaka-exposure siya.

    Bad news, well.. Regine Velasquez? Ogie Alcasid? HAHA! Sana sina Ariel and Maverick na lang ang kanilang gawing hosts. =))

  3. wag naman sana sila regine ulit. i agree with jhed lol. go ariel and maverick! d2 na me wer na u? pwede rin si sweet hahaaha.

  4. Doc Tess,
    I hope they will not turn Philippine Idol into a drama series again. LOL.

    Ariel and Maverick?! Not a bad idea!

  5. Philippine Idol was a booooore. I thought RC would interest me. But blah, it was too hyped. Sayang si Ryan.

    I agree. It should be Mo. He’s perfect for the jitter-jatter of straightforwardness and all. Well, he’s not become popular in fearless interviews for nothing, di ba?

    RP Idol? Fuck. Kahit sila siguro nasuka sa pangalan. Pinoy Idol it should be.

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