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She was panting when she entered an empty cottage in a dark shady forest. Traces of sweat and dirt were obvious on her terrified angelic face. She quickly slammed the door enclosing her in the darkness of that old wooden home. There was an abominable stench in that empty abode and the floor was so slippery because of spilled blood. Heartbeat was pounding heavier and reverberated through the forest’s silence.Suddenly, there were footsteps heard at the cottage’s patio.

The mysterious hooded stalker arrived where his prey was hiding. The girl’s eye gleamed with fear. The hooded stalker smashed the cottage’s door with the sickle he was holding. The girl was extremely frightened and started to scream which broke the night’s silence. She stepped away from the door until the house’s darkness consumed her. She continued screaming as she was moving back. Then, a sudden thump echoed through the cottage that silenced the screaming girl. The stalker got through the door and stood at her prey’s foot that now lying quietly on the floor. Moonlight peeked through the cottage’s windows and lightened on the prey. She was already dead. Blood flowed on her golden hair as a metal pipe peeking out from the floor punctured the girl’s cranium that caused her to die instantly. The hooded stalker smirked and uttered a word, “Stupid.”

That’s how everyone want Paris Hilton—or perhaps Malu Fernandez—to die.

I can’t stand watching suspense movies. I don’t hate them, I just dislike them. Who loves the feeling of you know what will happen next but scared of seeing it? I do. I am not scared on how hideous the monster looks like. They are indeed frightening but as we know in TV or movies, they only look horrid because of makeup and special effects. There are also some characters in TV that are not really aiming to scare but they look spooky, the Teletubbies.

I’m not really a coward because I can easily forget the scenes and still can sleep alone with the night lights off. Those gore and deaths on-screens are obviously fake because they are just made for the movies; just for entertainment. They are actually how we want our hypocritical friends, pesky professors and obnoxious clients to die. Suspense movies only do the translation for us.

Still, even with those realistic thoughts reasons through my head, I can’t watch them all through the entire film. There will be instances that I will cover my eyes or jump off the seat with a frightened surprise. There is a particular movie that I have never seen straight from beginning to end, that’s Final Destination. Each victim dies from a freak accident and the villain is Death itself; an intangible antagonist. I can stand watching other suspense films because their villains are usually a monster or a twisted freakazoid and usually dies—or left halfdead. But for Final Destination, I can also die while watching because I don’t have any idea how each victim will be killed.

So, I don’t go to cinemas with movies of this theme especially when I’m alone. I look stupid jumping from the theater seat or whenever I shriek from intense shock. Imagine a handsome young man terrified from a scene of a suspense movie, that’s definitely ridiculous.

What am I doing? I’m exploiting my weakness. I’m giving others an idea on how to kill me.



  1. Let’s watch “The House of Wax” and see Paris die haha…I have the same fears too or maybe sometimes am over reacting on it.

    I can’t watch horror films by myself specially at night or if am all alone. I can’t even play Resident Evil w/o screaming like a sissy. Good thing man created porn…where my eyes sink in. haha!

  2. Hey, I don’t want Paris to die. 😛

  3. LA,
    Then let’s all hope for porn games in consoles.

    You can opt for Malu Fernandez. LOL.

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