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Time moves fast and it has been 3 years since I finished college. I said ‘finished’, right? Yeah, because I never did attend my graduation march. I officially graduated September 2004, 2 semesters behind my friends and blockmates. Thanks to our university’s crappy system that victimized me and forced me to stay one semester longer than I should.

Isa akong biktima ng bulok na sistema ng eskwela.

I failed one of my subject back in 2nd semester of my first year college. It was indeed a single subject but it messed up tremendously the schedule of my subjects the following schoolyear. It was even more catastrophic when I entered my junior year because the school was converting to trimester. It delayed me more semesters and the school added more minor unnecessary religion subjects though it was a nonsectarian university.

My blockmates and friends finished their studies December of 2003 and officially bade farewell to college by 2004 of March at PICC. I did not belong to the graduating list but I saw their rehearsals and witnessed their graduation rites. I could even remember how I burst into tears after the rehearsal because a friend noticed that I was gloomy that day and obviously quiet—an exact opposite of my loud nosy behavior. Don’t you just hate it when somebody notices your depression when you really don’t want to cry.

One of our friends offered me a ticket so that I can watch their commencement exercises. Yes I did attend their graduation and I was glad to take home pictures of that heartwarming event. How gleeful the event may be, it was still masochistic for my side. I was shouting inside me and I could hear the echoes in my head “I am supposed to be there too!” I wanted to rummage the stage and throw our school’s chancellor off to the convention center’s roof with so much desperation but I tied myself down to my seat to control my fury.

After all the dramas and the exercises, everyone flew off to their own graduation celebrations. I couldn’t come to any of their celebration because it was still a family occasion first. I went home alone happy for them but pity for myself. Seeing them march on stage and hearing their names in the theater was a chainsaw cutting me into pieces.

I waited one more semester after their graduation. At last, September 2004 came and it was my time to pave way to the professional world. I was immediately hired by my first job of the same month but I still had to wait for 6 months for the scheduled graduation march. I decided not to join the march instead I burrowed my head at work. I didn’t see the point of marching anyway, I was already earning cash and learning more than the school could offer; ‘challenging’ bosses.

September will be a significant month for me. It is the month I finished my studies, landed on my first job but also the same month of the following year that got me off my first work. What’s next for me this September? Getting devirginated?

I hope so, because I can’t wait for September next year to get laid.



  1. I can relate to this. Super!

    I failed my Analytic Geometry and repeated my Logic subjects respectively. But I did make it just in time for the graduation since our school offers summer classes. I didn’t march as well though, personal reasons. 😦

    Naramdaman ko ‘rin ‘yung feeling na shet baka hindi ko sila kasabay sa pag-graduate hahaha. 😛

    It was quite an experience and I proved everyone wrong.

  2. may 5 days ka pa 🙂 hehehe

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