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I’ll summon my geek side once again for this post. I’m a bit techie too that’s why I love to share this post to all the junkies out there. Gotta grab those nerdy glasses, checkered pants, suspender and that neon green trunks. Care for a li’l roleplaying?

Let’s set aside our delusions of having a Mac or any Apple products. Windows operated computers are not as superb to Macs but there are also some that are definitely outstanding. Most tech-junkies or maybe just gossipmongrels of the web may have heard of these computers, Alienware. I have not heard if any PC’s of this brand landed on our shores or has been stacked to the shelves of local computer stores.

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The specs for these PC’s are very amazing. It has a dual hard drive that has 4 Terabytes of storage. That’s a freakin’ Terabyte and NOT a Gigabyte. Imagine storing millions of songs, thousands of movies and hundreds of games in one PC. It’s not just that, it also uses a dual-core or a quad-core processor which speeds up everything. I can even receive twitter updates before they are written or watch a hi-speed porn. It also uses a liquid cooling system that makes it look cooler inside and helps to prevent overheating. Next generation computers will run by blood. Cool!

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Beside the fantastic specs, it also sports a very cool and funky chassis whether if it’s a desktop or a laptop. With a look that is so cool I can bring the CPU tower and make it a fashion accessory. Who cares if it’s not powered by Apple or just run by Windows? It’s a total gaming PC and looks great in my bedroom… or maybe it will have a room for itself.

With all those beautiful specs and gorgeous design comes a great price too. The maximized specs for an Alienware PC will be about 8 grand in dollars or more than 300 grand in Philippine Peso. It’s almost the same price of an old style Toyota car or a downpayment for a condo. If I am only a spoiled rich kid man, I will certainly buy that obsessed PC and throw off my Macs to the less privileged drug addicts graphic designers.

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If I’ll have an Alienware PC now, I will not care if someone will have an iPod Touch in a few days. If he/she will have one of these PC’s, I’ll be willing to be his/her slave just to have a touch on an Alienware computer.

Alienware PC’s are still far from my reality. If I will set it to my goals, that will belong in my extended long term goal. But who knows? Oil may spurt out from the grounds of our apartment.



  1. i know a friend who owns an Alienware, but not the one featured here. it didn’t have a HDD that can store terabytes of info, but it did have like 500 GB. it runs on Vista, way before it was released here in the Philippines. it was so damn good for me, but he was kind of bored with so he offered it to me. for 90K. sheht. if i only had that large sum of money… btw, he now refuses to sell it because he realized how valuable Alienware is.

    macs are better for me. hihihi. being a devout mac addict myself.

  2. Technically and aesthetically, I find Macs better. 🙂

    This one’s too contemporary for me.. But I have to say that the specs?… It’s to-die-for! ^__^

    (* I’m downloading the AlienGUIse right this instance.. I wanted to try and have a feel of it, hopefully it wouldn’t slow down my pc.)

  3. Lalon – Bakit Mac user kaba? Yaman! 😉

    MilkPlanner – I still want iBook and iPod Touch and N95 and Vib…ok never mind that.

    I’ve got a feeling nakita ko na yan somewhere in Gilmore sa PC Express ata. Or yung design? But matagal ko ng naririnig yang Alienware eh…

    And Alienware!

  4. LA – I wish.. but I’m still saving for my own Macbook. 😦

    I worked as an ISP Tech Support for almost a year and we handled all Mac users in the US. So pretty much gamay ko ‘yung Mac since we have Mac stations sa office before. 🙂

  5. Mike,
    Your friend is really lucky to have that computer, if you can have that computer, you’ll forget about mac… unless of course when attacked by virus.

    Usually, may CPU casing na kamukha nga ng Alienware. Wala pa akong alam na local distributor nito sa atin.

    Most of my buddies are using macs in their offices. A mac is in my realistic dream list.

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