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“Forever young, I wanna be forever young”
lyrics from Forever Young by Alphaville

No one can stop time. It doesn’t move backwards or pause, all it does is to go forward. Along with time is our age. Skin will sag to the floor and eyes will not be sharp like before. Ladies will not be interested with sex instead they will master cross-stitching because their husband’s schlongs won’t go stiff. Men will not be interested with their wives whose boobs will be able to make a knot. That’s physical aging. As we near the end of our lives, our knowledge widens; we learn through time.

Being in the mid-20’s, I can say that I’m not that young. I’ve encountered and still battling with quarter-life crises. Still, I don’t feel or even act like a 24-year old man. I can’t totally say I’m immature though because I can also come up with ideals and valid reasons. My professor in college once told me that I was an “old soul”. If I believe in reincarnation maybe my soul really have roamed through the timelines of the Neanderthals and the dark ages. I was a horny Spartan before.

Most of my peers are younger than me or within my age range of the same brainwaves. I rarely get along with someone older than me and I am also intimidated with people who thinks maturely. Let’s say, like Benj and Jeff or even Shari, they are year/s younger than me but they don’t move as gullible like me. Though I have met them only a few times but I see them think, act and talk what young men/ladies must do. I look up to those people who are so young but with thoughts of a grown-up. I wish I will be like them when I grow up.

I’m childlike maybe because I lack experiences. Maybe I was a sore loser during my early years whose childhood was being suppressed by my strict parents. It may also be because I have never kissed a girl torridly nor have sex using the classic missionary style on the bathroom floor. I have not tried slashing my wrist before nor tried bungee jumping from a two-storey building. Maybe I’m thinking too much sex that made my mind stagnant from the time I learned to masturbate. Maybe I am just afraid to grow up… just maybe.

Like what I’ve written earlier, I am not a kid stuck in a young man’s sexy body. In fact, I can spurt out a very mature opinion sometimes or give thoughts on situations that I never have encountered. Heck, I can give Joe D’Mango and Dr. Love a run for their money. It even surprises me whenever I’m doing that. I dunno, maybe I’m just the type of person who think or sometimes talk maturely but acts childly.

Naïveté or being foolish—or even acting like it—is not that radically bad. The world has a lot of serious problems to solve like the depleting ozone layer and comeback of Britney Spears. We need those retards who can put us to smile and cheer us while we are having sex with our pillows.

So what’s my age now?

I’m mentally 14, biologically 24 and physically 17.



  1. I guess it’s okay to act like a child.. but don’t be stubborn as a child. 😛

    from my POV.. although you really look younger than 24.. I still think your looks suit your age.

    I wish I was an ‘old soul’ too.. well, vocally and musically.

  2. Well at least you know how you act and how you deal with everything. It’s better than being actually oblivious to the things going around you right? Regardless of your age I can say you’re pretty mature, it’s just that it’s your choice to act young. Heck, everything’s a choice. And methinks you’re making a good one because if it doesn’t make you happy (acting old, or more of acting ‘your age’), then what’s the point diba?

  3. Certainly, you don’t look like 24, but you surely can dish out some interesting, somehow “philosophical” thoughts. Awesome.

    The people who are not the WYSIWYG type are the ones who are fun to be with because of their unorthodox being. It’s similar to myself, but I think you are the perfect example of that kind of person.

  4. i see it as an advantage.. not growing up. did you hear Oprah when she said 60 is the new 40.

  5. When I turned 16, that’s when i REALIZED i M OLD.

  6. Juice,
    But I’ll be damn happier if I am really young like a vampire who never grows old.

    Philosophical?! Then I can also give Paolo Mendoza a run for his money. LOL.

    If my calculation is correct then 24 is the new 4 years old?

  7. Haha, in denial. Defense mechanism! Rationalizing things!

    But then again, who likes the idea of ag(e)ing? i think there’s nothing wrong with acting and thinking “immaturely” as long as you know what you’re doing and you dwell in specific contexts. do that somewhere else and you’d get a kick out of life’s indifferent dwellers.

  8. I think your “immaturity” is a good thing. We have to keep the child in all of us intact. Because of all the things we experience everyday and all the stimulation and monotony that occur at the same time, we quickly lose our wonder for the simple things. So stay young at heart and mind!

  9. Physically 17? LOL! I thought your like 30 plus plus plus haha…oh well that’s life soon tatanda ka din! haha!

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