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I’m too lazy to update this blog. Maybe the sudden downpour drained my neurons from the sky. My brain is currently floating in the clouds, struck by lightning and squeezed in midair that produced the metro rains today. What the hell am I saying? I really dunno. All I can think of today are shits and craps.

Smashing the monitor on my cranium didn’t do anything except for the blood gushing on my forehead and the splatter of red stain on our office floor. I can hear my bed calling me afar from where I am now. The cold air is like songs of Enya that can put me to slumber and bring me to a white room filled with Victoria’s Secret’s Angels. That’s heaven. It’s not. Porn is heaven.

I can’t decipher the message of what I am writing today. Extreme boredom dominates my shallow head wandering around the corners of my nerves that makes me think the importance of a great hair for our country’s economy. Oh yeah, the hair! I remember I have my haircut last Friday; my first in a known Salon. Cutting my hair short is a bad idea because I feel I have lost some of my brain juices after that.

I gather facts with the use of my hair because I believe that each strand is connected to my brain. Hair is the receiver of all informations; they are like antenna. I guess you can see the effect of rain and a short hair now. I’m blabbering things from the knowledge I learned from the Martian god Keekeetoo-ah.

I’m just wasting letters to write a senseless thingamajig. Heck! I am even wasting efforts to produce more nerve cells to think for this post. Oh well what can I do, that’s what I feel doing now. Nobody will hinder me from doing this not even Mohinder Shuresh. What on earth does that Heroes character doing in this post?

Oh well, my dear few readers, I hope you can decipher what gibberish I’m doing with this post. I don’t have any idea with what am I doing now.

Warning: This post is senseless so for crap’s mercy don’t read.

I even wrote the warning at the end of the post because I want to. What a retard am I. Hail the mouse god because I’m a retard!



  1. I love senseless posts! I’m a big fan of them, totally pwns those serious posts hahaha 😛

    It’s good your releasing your brain farts. We all know keeping it inside isn’t good 😉

  2. lahat na lang ng puntahan kong blog, nagcomment na si juice! sipag! 😛

    anyway, am gonna go get some tissue. lol

  3. Juice,
    Yeah that’s bad and can cause diarrhea of the brain.

    Woah!? I never thought that this post could cause arousal and something spurted out of you that made you get a tissue.

  4. Irvin ikaw bayan? May bagong hairstyle din?

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