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It is supposed to be raining generously this month yet the streets are more of like a flaming inferno that not even a devil can take it. I can feel my sweat sizzling whenever they are breaking out of my skin. It’s not just that hot, my ears are reverberating the songs of the ancient people; my parents.

Every Sunday, it has been a habit in our house to tune in to a local obnoxious radio station that transforms our speakers to a time machine one way to the past. It plays songs that seems to be extinct nowadays that can only be heard from the karaoke machines on the streets sung by drunkards or those who wants to be killed instantly.

Our folks usually scrutinize our taste for music. They keep on saying that the music during the regime of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley are better than our generation. They always think that during their time songs are more melodic and soothing to the ears while ours are purely noise. One of our professors in college even connoted present music as evil and called it “itlog ng dragon (egg of a dragon)”. If my balls look evil now, what’s more with the dragon’s egg? It never came to me that music is evil even with all the screams or deafening instruments. Little do they know, we also think the other way around. Their music sucks, ours rocks!

I won’t deny that I like some of the songs from my parents’ generation. Their music is far older than the era of the hippies and maryjane addicts. It’s the period when Matt Monroe and Frank Sinatra are battling in the airwaves. My dad will even turn the radio’s volume knob high whenever he’s hearing a boogie-woogie or wango-tango type of music which in my case can lead to blood-splattered eardrums. I don’t like those type of music, if there are songs I like during their time they are those that considerable as classic like “Moonriver” and “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”. I don’t like—but not definitely hating—the song “My Way” because I don’t want anyone to strangle my tongue and marinate my vocal chords in vinegar.

If there are old school songs that I love they are mostly New Waves or songs from the 80’s and of course the 90’s. They are the sounds of my generation but in terms of adaptability with music, we can easily adjust to the present. And crap, my LSS!? I’m actually humming “Umbrella” of Rihanna.

Whatever happen, we will always love the music we grow up with. We’ll defend our music to be better than our children’s or the previous generation’s sounds. One thing is just common with music from the past, present or future, we remember it.

Just like how we will remember our grandparents. They may not be always heard in the present but their memories will keep on echoing in our hearts.

I will miss my last breathing lola.



  1. I’ve always been a music junkie, and I agree when you say that we will always defend the music we grew up with. I really loved Bon Jovi, Queen, Roxette and etc back then, and listening to them always reminds me of my childhood.

    I loved Frank Sinatra and Matt Monroe’s music, they’re always the type when you listen to them you get this sense of a timeless feeling, just like Barry White. Haha 😛

    Rihanna’s Umbrella is probably the most LSSed song of this year. It’s crazy.

  2. I’m into rock music, actually, but I’m also open to other genres. My father hates the songs I’m listening to, but the hell I care at him!

  3. Juice,
    There’s another song of the year, Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls… ‘suicidal, suicidal…”

    You’ll do that to your children too in the future.

  4. i like old songs better than mainstream contemporary top 40 songs. and WRock has them. i don’t tune in to RJ because most of its music sucks, even if they’re oldies. i like Hall and Oates, Ambrosia, The Little River Band, and yeah like Juice, Roxette. haha.

  5. Reply: Nah. I’ll feed them with good old rock anthems. Mwahahaha. >:)

    And with today’s music scene, I know that the future of it will be better. More ear candy! Yay!

  6. Oh my God, please don’t even talk about that Sean Kingston song. It’s deadly, I get suicidal when I listen to it. Hahaha.

  7. Mike,
    That’s still 80’s, and I listen to some of them too. Spandau Ballet, Tears for Fears, love it!

    Like the songs of Shamrock, Cueshé and Spongecola?

    I already did that.

  8. Wahahaha. Foreign music scene. LOL. 😛

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