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Yesterday, I felt my blood rushed to my face and my cheeks started to burn. Though there were no mirrors around me, I knew my face was red even it was not apparent with my mulatto-like skin. Yes I was blushing. It felt like I was 14 years old again sitting beside my crush. Oh mushiness! This post will be a bit mushy so this a warning to everyone. If being mushy is a crime kill me now.

No! Not yet, let me finish this first!

I saw an anonymous letter on my doorstep. It was not addressed to anyone so I assume it was for me because it was on my doorstep. I think she was a girl because the handwriting was definitely from a girl. It was simple and not jotted on a paper donned with girly perfume nor designed with Winnie the Pooh. The letter was written on a paper that was always used every exams or assignments in college. It was not also figurative that could make my mind numb. It was direct. It was plain like the black ink she used to write it. It may be simple but it was heartfelt.

Never in my existence I have read a letter like that. Let’s not consider it as a love letter but more of an acknowledgment. She didn’t profess anything there except for her admiration for my doings. I was extremely flattered with her praises and her fondness of my absurdity. Never in my entire life I was appreciated like that. I do receive compliments from different people like my testimonials in friendster and retreat letters from highschool but only hers makes me feel special to someone.

Can’t… handle… mushiness, kill me please.

Who on biosphere will ever think that an average sex-deprived guy like me is more than that? I never feel like I was the chosen one like Neo nor like Steve Jobs that can turn the world with his iPod and Macs. I never feel that special to anyone—except for my parents of course. Feeling appreciated is priceless.

I’m very thankful for what she have done for me. It made my day and kept me smiling before bedtime. I could have set this post to private or encrypted password for it but I didn’t. I want this to reach her to express my gratitude. It’s the least that I can do to thank her for making me blush.

This post can be risky too. I can be wrong. Since the letter was more of a “to whom it may concern” type, I maybe assuming too much that it was me. I could have mistaken myself for someone else. The description maybe like me but it can be somebody. It was on my doorstep but it might not really for me. If that happens, I will hide back to my shell and stab myself with a fork.

So just like my title today, could it be what you’re thinking?

Now I’m finished, kill me now!



  1. sorry to be on top of the stack again.. 😛

    well, well.. what do we have here? hehe being admired is definitely priceless.. ^_^

  2. Small yet special things that girls do to guys can surely paint smiles on our faces. Only a few girls do that to me, but I’m still happy. LOL.

  3. Oi kinikilig haha!

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