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You woke up one morning. It was bright. Birds were singing. You prepared breakfast and prepped clothes. You walked outside your home whistling “Love Generation”. You were in the shed waiting for the bus to arrive. No one was around. It was weird. You were curious. Then, you remembered something. You forgot something. You tried to remember. You remembered what you forgot. You remembered that it was the day scheduled for the end of the world. You were frightened and ran for your life. It was too late. A gigantic comet separated the skies and fell right in front of you. The ground rattled and pieces of its crust flew in every direction. Then, a deafening sound boomed the airwaves that destroyed every buildings on its way. The oceans rose higher than the highest skyscraper known to man and flooded every cities on earth. No one was left alive not even a single bacteria could have survived after the comet’s impact. It was indeed the end of the world.

Has this occurred to anyone?

No, not the end of the world, but forgetting something.

I forget a lot. I forget things, events, topics in my blogs and things to do next. I have instances to forget my mobile phone at home or at work. Though, there’s no use if I forget it or not, nobody’s texting or calling anyway. Do you know that there are a lot of times that I can’t figure out if I paid my fare or not in a jeep ride? I guess paying for my fare has gone habitual that’s why I can’t remember it. Am I that old to be forgetful? Crap’s sake, I’m just 17 24.

What’s weird with me, I can be forgetful with my usual habits but I can recall facts of other people. Facts that these people usually forget. I can also store several information from my learnings in school, Beakman’s World, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, Food Network and internet of course. That’s make me to be a trivial type of guy, not just in science or general infos but also with retelling other people’s lives too. A gossipmongrel is in the house y’all! Yes, a gossip dog but I don’t smell like one. Not really, not that much, just trivial and that surprises them.

It’s not my habit to make a to-do lists maybe that’s why I can’t recall most. I just love this habit of mindsetting where I set all my schedules and thoughts all over my sponge-like brain. When this mindset gets preoccupied with other thoughts that’s when forgetfulness attacks.

Forgetting is natural, I guess. We can’t store everything inside our heads. Our brain has the ability to delete—or set aside—unnecessary informations in our lives. If we can recall everything since we were still in our mom’s ovaries, mental asylums could have been full by now. So I’m still lucky because I have the ability to forget. Yay! I can forget that I already have my first sex and think I’m a virgin forever. It’s still an undeniable fact that I am a virgin.

I guess I should be increasing my intake of nuts, fishes rich with DHA and cups of glutaphos. Not just to remember if I paid my fare or not but also to store more gossips facts…

Or remember if I already had my first sex.



  1. Sometimes I just forget something so fast and when I try to remember it, it never comes back! When I’m not thinking about it, or when it’s not relevant or important anymore, that’s when it starts popping inside my head. Uggh, so irritating.

    I always seem to remember people’s phone numbers easily though. Which is ironic, because I suck at math.

  2. Not really bragging but I can easily remember things, or places, or names or even school stuff.

    But definitely not blog topics. HAHAHAH.

    And birthdays. 😛

  3. Juice,
    Try not to remember it, the more relax you are the more it comes naturally. Weird, I’m good with remembering numbers too. There’s a study that those who can recall numbers easily are more logical.

    But I can remember the blogs you are posting so beware of me! LOL.

  4. Huwaaah! Nakakalimot ka pala mag bayad ng fare sa jeep masama yan haha. I have a classmate na hindi makaalaala ng name ng classmate namin kahit classmate na namin yung for the whole year LOL! yun ang malala haha.

    Beakman’s World I lurved that….

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