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It has been a month that I have not hanged out decently. I have stayed indoors—home and office—for that long. I do have a couple of strolls at malls and small coffee talks with ol’ buddies but that’s just it; nakakabitin. My mouth is salivating over liquors, my feet are itching for gimmicks, my ears are needing it’s gossip dosage and my eyes are looking for the big screens. Do cars fly now? Are there killer robots out there?

Luckily, we have the internet now. Hurrah for nerds like me! I can communicate and receive news from my friends through the ever reliable Yahoo Messenger. The twitter has become handy too for sharing updates and exploiting my conversations with fellow bloggers. And yes, porn.

Only the office internet satisfies my internet speed cravings. Globelines has been stable now unlike few months before. I can watch animés and download numerous mp3’s and blockbuster movies. That’s what I lack at home. We are still using an ancient dialup to surf the net. It’s one of the reason why my porn cravings are not reached at home. And for craps’ sake, our phone has a call waiting features so expect for disruption.

Since it has been a month of boring life for me, I have become curious with men’s sex toys. In my entire virgin life the only playmate I have are my hands—I hope we know what we are talking here. Ain’t that boring? The real thing is always better than those toys but there’s no wrong trying them, right? I like to try those fleshlights or pocket pussies, but not the inflatable sex dolls because it’s hard to hide from the eyes of my meddling parents. And I’m not that pathetic to hump a doll with three holes and faker-than-fake-plastic-boobs.

So I browsed a local website of an adult toys store and I found pocket vaginas to be expensive. The least would be worth 800 pesos with a Sanrio design on it’s canister. What the…?! 800 pesos for a fake pussy?! Prostitutes are cheaper than that! Of course I don’t want a whore for my first sex. I will not be buying a Sanrio pocket pussy either. Duh?! I am not fucking Hello Kitty.

Boredom is killing me. I badly need to get laid out of any four-cornered rooms.



  1. hmm hey you’re not getting any younger.

    kidding.. just don’t give in to the pressure.. your time will eventually come. 😛

    have you gone out for a date? start or come up with a wholesome plan.. err.. make sense?

    tip: disable the call waiting feature by adding *70, (asterisk seven zero comma) before your dial-up number (i think it works locally as well).

    Unless of course, if you don’t wanna miss an important call while surfing.

    Quiapo is infested with weird-looking sex toys haha.. it’s in every corner of the district’s hub.. they amaze me for being “that” open in the public.

    happy week ahead!

  2. Like you i found myself kind of bored these days. that’s why i gave myself a break. my life has become so dull my friends often fall asleep when i’m with them – something very unusual.

    And yes, aside from Quiapo, Divisoria and the Tutuban can probably sate your cravings for surrealism. Haha. I’ve seen a lot of those toys displayed in boutiques.

  3. Don’t you get to reuse that pocket thingy?! sorry I’m not faniliar with sex toys! hehe!

  4. Lalon,
    Quiapo, I rarely frequent on that place. Their sex toys may come from China and they may contain lead.

    You seen that in those places too? I think I really should see that place.

    It’s not disposable so yeah, it can be reused. Just make sure others will not use it. That’s disgusting and sickness can be acquired through that too. We need to buy those kind of stuffs. LOL.

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