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The buzz surrounding this infamous People Asia and Manila Standard writer has been going around the internet for a few weeks now. I didn’t take my part on this issue because I know this topic will be overrated for a short time. Some are even taking part to gain hits and ratings. I don’t care about the issue that Malu Fernandez has started and how she offended our fellow countrymen with her unscrupulous remarks. What’s bothersome to me now is the reaction of the mob. This issue is far from over.

Malu triggered the raging hormones of the mob indeed. If she’ll be seen in the public now, these furious crowds will drag her face down on the floor. They may even tie her head over heels and dip her in Metro Manila flood infested with leptospirosis and floating carcasses. If only letters and words are fatal, she’ll be seen in her bedroom killed morbidly. If her death is not enough, her coffin will be brutally holed with gunfires and her burial grounds will be on scorching fire.

Poor Malu. Her arrogance created anarchy. With the catastrophe she made, more Malu Fernandez appeared. What’s more ironic here, the new Malus are the same people lambasting her. They have been calling her with different names like swine, pig, ugly, bitch, asshole or any synonyms to those words. A li’l longer Malu Fernandez will be in wikipedia or in the dictionary reaching to the level of Imelda Marcos with the word imeldific. Will the mob agree to put her in their vocabulary? I guess not.

Malu Fernandez (adj.) being mean or acting like a diva; bitch.
Example: You did great humiliating Marimar. That’s so Malu Fernandez!

Branding her with new names won’t do any good. It won’t make her poorer nor make anyone intellectual. Instead, they are just degrading themselves down like how Malu does to herself. They can call her a fat-ass but she just can retaliate saying “I’m fat because I’m rich that’s why I can eat everything so don’t envy me if you’re eating nothing.” Avenging with defamation is idiocracy. Getting even is not a solution. Have they heard the line “Life is unfair so don’t get even, beat it”? No one did of course, I made it up.

I don’t get the point why they are attacking her with insults and namecalling. Will those words enough to stop her disrespecting others especially people not within their echelon? If they studied fallacies in an argument then they are creating a lot of it. It’s their opinion and they may call her pig or whatever names they want. Just this, pigs are stubborn and not a word can stop them from doing what they want. That’s why I don’t see the difference of Malu Fernandez from the mob insulting her. If there’s one, that will be money.

No one deserves to be discriminated whether by race, color, social status or anything else. All deserve to be respected—even convicts have dignity. If we have an opinion or teach a lesson, it can’t be resolved by making another fallacy or cursing them. It’s sure that namecalling is therapeutic in releasing all our furies. Other than releasing rage there’s nothing more to it.

If there’s a lesson we must all learn in this fiasco it’s just this:



  1. i think there is only a fraction of us who made the point.. the professional blogger that i am though, i have resigned to cover this issue for the sake of me readers. and like you said, looks like it is far from over.

  2. I agree with you. That’s why I didn’t write anything about the subject or comment about it because I think I’d probably end up as a hypocrite. I mean we all are arrogant and bitchy at some point, Malu Fernandez is just more vocal than we are, given her profession as a writer too. It was just a huge mistake that she offended those who got offended because we do really need to respect and look up to the OFWs who work abroad to keep their families alive.

  3. A lot of Malu Fernandezes sprung up because of this issue…and they’re the ones hypocrite enough not to admit that they, too, have a bit of Malu Fernandez in them. I wonder when people will learn to fight bigotry without being a bigot in return. Is this an issue involving emotions? Yes. But does that mean we only use emotions to counteract this issue? No, of course not. We are rational human beings. It’s just a wonder why some people would choose not to be when they have every capability to be rational.

  4. I couldn’t have said it any better. if I was to write about the issue, I think this is how I would have done it.Thank you for posting this.

  5. I think this is very well written AG 🙂 I had to read it again.

  6. Paolo,
    Prepare your armors, it will be a battlefield.

    “Ang laitera galit sa kapwa laitera.”

    Doc Tess,
    Stupidity overpowers their intellect.

  7. Personally, although I also agree that we shouldn’t resort to immature “brandings”, that woman should be silenced from professionally writing.

    “Journalism” shouldn’t provide a cubicle to someone like her.

    I really wanted to distance myself from this issue until I’ve read an article (in her defense) that irked me to the bone.

  8. Lalon,
    I really don’t think she have to work in any magazines or newspapers because she’s already effin’ rich. If she’s to write that’s just discriminating that’s unethical. Her ‘wit’ has gone overboard.

  9. i just dont know who malu fernandez was until i read the blog of gagopolis..i simply don’t care about her…

  10. And the best part is “She’s Back on the newspaper” LOL!

  11. More Malu Fernandez appeared.

    Yes, people loves drama? Hehe. Nakikichismis lang ako sa issue na ‘to pero ayoko ring magpost ng kahit ano kasi ayoko rin maging impokrita. Minsan talaga ganun tayo kahit di natin sinasadya diba? Yun nga lang, nasa pagdadala ng tao kung pano niya ihahandle yung mga naiisip niya.

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