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When is too much too much?

All have secrets, don’t we? For my case, I barely have it. I think I have spilled all my beans with my friends, my other friends, this blog and my other blog. Maybe I am too blatant that I’m spilling everything all I have. Oh well, I’m not telling everything to only one source—so don’t expect all are here in my blog/s. Though I am a very private person, the only classified informations I hide are from my friends, fellas and folks. I am an honest human. Ok, kill me for saying that.

How many times have I confessed that I am a virgin and I never have contact with anyone else’s saliva—or at least lips? It’s no big news for me and neither I am proud nor ashame of it. It’s a fact. Though I love to exaggerate on it, it’s just that. I find it funny when others are taking virginity a big deal. I love making fun of my… err… deficiency. Being immaculate doesn’t hinder me from knowing a li’l about sex. So if someone has thought of me as a sex-addict or a sex god, I’m sorry to disappoint them—but don’t worry in the future I will. I may be a virgin but I am not innocent. Still, I crave for the action.

If someone will ask how many times I jerk off per second / minute / hour/ day / week / month / year I will be able to answer it without a doubt. But of course, not here nor in public because not all have broad mind and they may just get offended by that sensual topic. I can tell that to a group of friends or close pals with all honesty. There’s nothing wrong telling those things to friends if they badly need it for their noggin’s archive. Details? I’ll just save it to myself.

I don’t have any secrets to tell. All have read, heard or seen it, if they don’t know them they probably have their brains misplaced to their butts. Yes, I am that vulgar. That is of course apply to myself only—I don’t spill others’ secrets. If it that can’t be read here, my friends may have know it. If my friends don’t have an idea about it, then my family knows it. If my parents’ know those, I’ll be dead by now.

So if I have secrets, I already have told it to somebody. I don’t keep secrets, I’m just keeping them private. Private, meaning they are shared to a confidant or to other ways. That’s why I can’t tell when I am giving too much information here in my blog or just in an ordinary conversation. I maybe spilling too much which no one else can accommodate that can result to their heads to explode.

Do you have a secret?

I don’t have a secret, I use Rexona.



  1. Urrrgh…I’ll just shut my mouth. I might give another “too much info” from beyond LOL!

  2. “If you have it, you want to share it,
    If you share it, you don’t have it”

    I have a buttload of secrets! That makes me interesting! Haha! But not really!

  3. i dont have secrets… =P

  4. “I don’t have a secret, I use Rexona.”

    God, I don’t know whether to laugh or roll my eyes. lol

  5. It’s your blog and you can decide how far do you wan to go with it.

  6. I am good with secrets.. I think.. Eh kasi, lagi akong sinasabihan ng sekreto, kahit hindi ko naman hinihingi.. And in the times that I want then to tell me, magaling akong mamilit, haha! But of course, I keep them..

  7. I use a secret blog to share my secrets 🙂

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