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The storm’s breeze made me crumple on my bed by dawn. I didn’t have a blanket last night but I did enjoy the coolness of the weather after months of scorching weather. How may I loved my slumber I didn’t like the way I woke up this morning. I was hearing Britney Spears’s “From the Bottom of my Broken Heart”. No, it was not on the radio but my head was playing it. Oh crap! Of all songs, why Britney?

“From the bottom of my broken heart
There’s just a thing or two I’d like you to know
You were my first love, you were my true love
From the first kisses to the very last rose”

It was really a bad start to start the morning reverberating that song in my cranium. As I was preparing my breakfast, I tried to think of another song so that I would not be recalling Britney’s hypnotic song.

“C’mon, think! You don’t wanna be tortured by Britney, do yah?” I told myself.

The song was still echoing inside the walls of my brain. I tried my to grab another song from my brain’s playlist. I needed that song to be strong and the recall should be easy.

“I need something melodic. Something that I can hum the whole day without getting thrown off the building.”

Alas! The song came to me like a genie popping out of his lamp with all those smokes around him.

“Even in my heart, I see
You’re not being true to me…”

Oh no! Not that song, please not that. This can’t be happening to me!

“Quit playing games with my heart
Before you tear us apart (with my heart)
Quit playing games with my heart
I should’ve know from the start
You know you’ve gotta stop (from my heart)”

It was a terror. First, Britney Spears lashed me with her narcotic song and now Backstreet Boys. What the hell is happening to our world. Hearing those songs are the signs of a bad omen. This is terrible. The end of the world is coming!

As you know, I hardly get LSS by listening to the last song I heard. I get my LSS through the playlists in my head though the lyrics are blurry I can easily recall the tune of the song. So whatever my gray matter wants to hear he’ll just play it not minding if I will like it or not. My mind has a mind of it’s own.

So now, I’m currently listening to the online radio and I am hearing a lot of songs but none can take away those two songs out of my system. The horror! Now I’m sharing my pain with you. I hope you’ll love these videos!



  1. i didn’t know the song but for the sake of this post i played those videos. well good for you.. sharing this misery and all. now i got LSS…

    “from the… bottom of my broken.. heaaaaaart”

  2. “2 become 1… I need some love…”

    Spice girls. Argh.

  3. so far the worst-iest song that hounds the hell out of me is that moronic song by Kim Chiu for a shampoo commercial.

    how idiotic can it get?

  4. Don’t mock me, I used to love these songs. Hahahaha :p

  5. “Quit playing games with my heart” is actually the ringtone of my professor’s cellphone. Mind you, she teaches art and humanities.

    Hey Mike, I know that lol. Kering keri, kering keri. HAHAHA. How I hate those kinds of songs. Kahit yung Ocho-ocho pa yan.

  6. Hahaha! LSS rocks! One of the best torture devices known to man! Thank God I don’t easily get LSS! And If I do, It doesn’t last that long.

    Quit Playing Games With My Heart. The most jologs song ever! Hahaha!

  7. Paolo,
    Okay, you can stop singing now. LOL.

    Yeah that TV ad is worth bashing a million times.

    It’s a death penalty!

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