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Roads are now entirely wet. The typhoon “Chedeng” ruptures the lands with massive rainfalls but not enough to counteract the effects of dry spell. The heavy rainfall this morning left the streets of my hometown flooded forcing me to wear shorts and flip-flops at work. My balls start freezing as the aircon fill the whole office with cool air. That’s why I’m cool today… literally.

All jeepneys routing to our office were jam-packed of passengers because of the downpour of rain. We could ram the passengers off it but none attempted. Waiting passengers—men, women, and aliens—transformed to barbarians everytime an empty jeep would pass. I was decent enough not to berserk riding the jeep and let others rampage through the jeep. I waited more though I knew I was running late… really late.


During my college, I often ride the LRT1 going to and fro school. Rush hours were terrible in these trains. I would be leaving home smelling nicely with butterflies surrounding me. But everytime I stepped my foot in those coaches, the butterflies would die and would be replaced by gigantic flies as I walked out of the train. To avoid sharing the same stench with the other passengers, I would place myself at the end of the station where the last coach of the train would stop. There are always less people at the last coach.

My dismissal at school were usually scheduled during rush hours. I would be sitting down at the end of the station, plug my FM tuner to my ears—iPod was still in development that time—and wait for a four-coached airconditioned train to pass in front of me. Sometimes it would take more than a half-hour before those kind of train stop in front of me. I was caring less about time by then because my destination was just home so there was no reason to rush. Though a jeepney ride would be less expensive than a train ride, I still chose the LRT. I didn’t want to dwell with the traffic in Taft Ave. especially along Vito Cruz because La Sallians were parading their cars along the busy streets. I don’t have anything against La Sallians only with their cars clogging the Taft Avenue during rush hours—and also their luxurious lifestyle.

It’s worth the wait for a ‘nice’ train than inhabit myself with suckering traffic and pollution. It’s only good if there’s a hottie in the jeep and letting the polluted imagination flow.


It took me and the other passengers a grueling 30-minutes or so under the rain to have that ride. I had to unleash the monster in me this time and threw off all the nuisance in my way to get my seat. I badly need to get to the office to blog work immediately. So yes, I got to the office, lateagain.

There’s one virtue I’ve learned in commuting. No matter how long the ride will take, you’ll always reach your destinationonly late.



  1. “No matter how long the ride will take, you’ll always reach your destination—only late.”

    oh what beautiful wisdom! haha. 🙂

    great.. band. =))

  2. that is why i always see to it that i’m an hour ahead of my schedule. that way, in case of an unforeseen phenomenon such as traffic, i’d still be on time.

    “No matter how long the ride will take, you’ll always reach your destination—only late.” True. And no matter what route you take going to school or office, you’d be stuck in traffic. Only in varying degrees.

    why is it that LRT1 is very disgusting compared to, say, LRT2 and the MRT?

  3. I have the same policy as Mike. Sometimes though, the policy can be problematic because if there’s no traffic or accidents, you get there at least 30 minutes early which means you have to wait! I hate waiting!

    – Jigs

  4. I can’t relate, I don’t commute here. But I KNOW HOW TO, in Phil. Hahah whenever I’m in the Philippines I always make an excuse to ride jeeps to get the feel. When I studied college back there for a year, I commuted everywhere, but when it rained, I always used a cab. Bad me.

  5. Okay I got lost in a moment and wrote my oldest blog in the link which doesn’t even exist anymore. Zombie me! Sorry for the spam AG.

  6. Cars,
    Band? What band? AM or FM?

    Ah because LRT is older than the rest, you can even find ancient artifacts inside the coaches.

  7. I can relate to the experience in LRT1. Haha My teacher even told us that LRT1 is the world’s biggest armpit. Once you go inside there at 7am-8am and 530pm-7pm, prepare yourself for the aroma you wish you’d never had to smell. ^_^

  8. up to now, i’ve been taking the LRT1. that’s 7 long years of LRT commuting, smelling the really nice odor that it offers whenever it opens its doors. apparently, i do the same thing you do – waiting for a 4-coach train to pass me by.

    [by the way, i’ll be linking you up.] 🙂

  9. Silkenhut,
    That’s the powerhouse of LRT1, the armpit!

    With that long, I guess your immune system coped with the stench already.

  10. i dunno but for some reasons.. the “jam-packed” LRT1 during rush hours never cease to amaze me.. i’m not saying i’m loving it though.

    i mean a lot us are actually complaining (that includes me) about the “experience” once you’re there, but the thing is.. we seem to have no choice but to still ride on it amidst that dreadful situation.. “wala nga lang bang magagawa talaga?” 😛

    sa japan mas malala pa nga but then I think mas mababango mga hapon (arguably) kesa sa pinoy haha 😀

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