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What’s my addiction other than sensual topics and blogging? Honestly, I’m not that addicted with blogging. Boredom is just backstabbing me which pushes me to post more. Sensual topics still capture my senses easily, who isn’t anyway? They are not my addiction, they are still controllable. As far as I know, I am enslaved with another issue.

I just signed up with Facebook yesterday morning because I was invited by Jeff through e-mail. Facebook is not new to me because it’s quite popular now and before I read Jeff’s invitation I have checked their site. It took my time deciding if I should sign up for another social networking service. I already had accounts in Friendster, Myspace, Multiply, Yahoo 360 and Hi5. I also did sign up for local social dating/networking like Itzamatch and Pinoyster before. They are appearing out of nowhere while a small fish like me is lured by their features. Just for the record, I have 2 Friendster, 1 Myspace, 2 Multiply, 3 Yahoo 360, and 1 Hi5. Not that plenty eh?

Am I that popular that I need a lot of accounts to handle all my ‘fans’? No, I’m not. The farthest number I can get in friendster is 300 something. The list there are my friends, the people I know or acquainted a few times. Maybe because I love filling up forms and signing up to different internet blah-blahs? Not either. On the contrary, I don’t like spending much time filling up those names and secret Q & A thingies. There is an autofill features in browsers nowadays but I don’t use them. It will just push me to create more accounts.

I’ve made a lot of accounts in internet. I’ve signed up to different stock photos, image hostings, blogs, forums, memberships and newsletter subscriptions. I have 15 active e-mail accounts from different providers that took me before almost an hour just checking them all. Passwords are not a big problem because all share the same or almost similar to others. I did have a minor problem in MyBlogLog but it was not the password. I was so stupid to forget the e-mail account that I used to open an account in MyBlogLog. Really dumb eh? So you can see, I don’t have Mybloglog installed here.

You may have guessed that I have a lot of spam in my e-mail because I made numerous accounts from different thingamajigs? Not really, I am smart enough not to check the box for newsletter updates. There are still a few spam in my e-mail but they are immediately directed to junk/spam/bulk folders. I don’t know where in the world they are coming from and how did they know that I need a penis enlargement?

If you’re planning to add me in those social networks just search for it because I’m not planning to link them directly to it. I’m giving my hunters and stalkers a little challenge, it’s the least they can do because I’m not really hard to find in the web.

Making several accounts is just fine, but for my case I think it’s different. If filling up forms and registration is an addiction, what do they call it? Sign-me-upphilia?



  1. the invitation was an accident as well, agent grey. i was being absent-minded when i let facebook send invites to all my gmail contacts. ron invited me to facebook, and ya know the rest

    i linked this blog from mine, btw. ya mind?

  2. Jeff,
    Hmm so Ron is the culprit. LOL.
    Sure, I’ll link yours too.

  3. i also had countless accounts online before. good thing i’m lazy, i never got to update of them.

  4. i had numerous email accounts before but i never got to use all of them. i’m only faithful to Radio.Fm for my email. i seldom use Yahoo because everyone’s using it, haha.

  5. I have MySpace, Multiply, Friendster, Hi5, Facebook, Flixster, Mybloglog, Yahoo 360, eskwela…

    Woah, now that I think about it, I’m all over the internet! I’m virtually internet trash!

  6. i have lots’a accounts as well, but just like everyone, i can’t manage them all at once.

    thought you might be interested.. it’s a 5gig free webmail “”.. it’s got a cool interface but the catch is, the site should detect that your IP address is coming from the US (mainland) for you to be able to sign up for free.. i used to work in call center that’s why i was able to sign myself up since our IP address comes directly from the US through fiber optics (it’s got POP3 access as well.. i’m just not sure if proxy sites could work.. haven’t tried it).

    same here.. i don’t use yahoo or gmail as my main email contact since everyone’s using it already.. there’s a certain good-kinda-feelin’ in going against the flow, i say. (^^,|

    hey please support “”, i believe it’s still invitational.. it’s a Pinoy-created site (from PUP). =)

  7. Paolo,
    Make them active again and embrace the terror.

    And Yahoo has the Y!Messenger which is mostly used. But I have MSN, AOL and Skype too.

    At last I’m not alone!

    So far yahoo has been good because it boasts unlimited storage now. But here’s more catch, there is actually an e-mail provider 30gigs, you can guess the storage size by its name.

  8. I only have 1 Friendster account and I don’t even update it that often. LOL.

  9. paano kaya makagawa ako ng bago kc iba ung lumalabas iwan

  10. Hi.
    Good design, who make it?

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