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Most of us college friends, the Adbertaysers, always have wild fantasies and wet dreams to attend the Philippine Advertising Congress. This Ad Congress occurs every other year and it’s in our orgasmic dreams to mingle with the bigwigs or link to new people with the same wavelengths. Unfortunately, only sheer luck can make us attend those big events. We will be sulking again in our workstations and let our tears get dry on our cheeks.

The first time we heard of this was back in our college years. Yes there was a student rate for ad congress which they continued implementing until now. It was cheaper and if we were only earning by then or at least had the luxury of Donald Trump, we could have made it. They held it in Baguio and registration fee was just worth 3,000 pesos. Only those who could afford made it. I was just starting to dream becoming a manwhore back then.

The last Ad Congress happened two years ago, 2005. Our college professor even made and won the logo for the said summit—he was not able to attend too. None of us, or someone I knew was able to be there because the venue was in Cebu. We were not earning much before and as novice in the industry we only earn an ample amount. The budget: 7,000 pesos for registration, about 3,000 pesos for airfare and about 2,000 pesos for allowance. Go figure the total amount because I hate math and whatever the sum may be, lodging is not yet included. The country’s economy affected the pimping business that year.

The 20th Philippine Advertising Congress is now back in Luzon, Subic to be exact. Guess it’s cheaper now it’s back to the northern island of the country? Guess again. It’s not! Registration Fee is worth a whopping 19,000 pesos. A fortune enough to buy a Nintendo Wii or a watch from Technomarine. That’s why I put the link direct to the registration page for all interested to see the flashy rates. If the ad agencies my friends are working with will sponsor them to this congress, they will be lucky and I will be dead envy of their fate. If they will be unlucky, altogether we will terrorize the country, create a massive hysteria and summon a Bahamut from the sky. Damn it! I have to save money for the sex den I’m building.

So what’s the point of explaining this? I want to go there and I need a fortune to afford the uneconomical registration fee. Somebody please sponsor me or donate for me. I’m begging in behalf of my batchmates—or just myself. I do hope a bigwig in Advertising will be able to read this and show sympathy for a pity dreamer like me.

Rob a bank? Not a bad idea. I just need a proper clothing to conceal my identity. I must buy a pantyhose to cover my face, a leather jacket from Armani Exchange, a DKNY jeans, shoes from La Coste, Calvin Klein undies and an AK-47 to complete the robber look. Ain’t that cool?



  1. I’ve been having wet dreams of going there myself. Problem is, me doesn’t have money as well. If you’re out to rob a bank, or terrorize the country, or wallow in self pity, don’t forget to send me an invite. I’ll happily oblige.

  2. Shari,
    Now I know I’m not the only one desperate for it.

  3. Ad agencies making money out of aspiring successful advertisers. Hmmm.

    I heard about the 20th from my friend who’s actually going there. Well, she’s got all the resources plus the connections to be there.

  4. I am such an Advertising Freak! That is one of the major factors that influenced me in taking up a major on Marketing. It is so cool to know that you are an Ad Man! Great! I’m inspired by it!

    That AD Congress is a virtual chocolate factory for those of us who cannot grace its awesomeness!

  5. Mike,
    Is she going there for free? That’s awesome I wish we can switch bodies even just for that event.

    We may not know our future. We can be there someday, on the 40th ad congress. That is if we are still alive by that time.

  6. I’m fortunate enough to be in the last 2 congresses and to sum them up in 3 words… its ONE BIG PARTY. it’s pretty sad they can’t keep the rates down though but good thing I was able to register as early as April to get the good rates. Hotels are fully booked by now. I have some spare bedspace in my room at Boardwalk we can share the lodging cost if you want hehehe. My office is cheap eh, I only have a 2K limit for hotels. But even if the office won’t sponsor me for this event, I’ll make sure I won’t miss the party since it only happens every other year. Hope you make it to the holy grail of annual conventions.

  7. Ian,
    If you can afford my registration fee, I will be glad to share with your bedspace. LOL.

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