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Geesh! My body was breaking sweat on my way here to the office. The sun was too bright and it’s rays are rupturing the pores of my skin. Rainshowers had a vacation leave and had let solar energy boast its mighty radiation across our tropical country again. The summer is over here in the Philippines but the weather is jiving with the season in United States. Now, even our climate has been colonized by the Americans.

I hurried to enter our office because I wanted to cool down after a grueling hot commute. Since I was always the keykeeper I unlocked the door. A counter-clockwise quarter turn on the upper lock and a half turn for the knob then… Va-va-voom! A stinky aroma ambushed our pity nostrils as the door opened while stepping inside the office. I would have barfed if my stomach was weak. I grabbed the canister of air freshener and sprayed all over the office. The lemon scent somehow concealed the stink but moments later we realized it had gone worse. The lemon scent which should remove the odor just fused with the atmosphere’s stench. And for goodness sake, there’s no window here! We are damn stuck to this scent until our bundy clock calls it a day for our work.

Why do gross things happen every Tuesday? Last week, there was a cockroach in my cup noodles then now, a gross odor sticking in our nasal passages. If this will occur again, then, Tuesday is the most disgusting day of the week.


Last week, I happened to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on its opening day, July 11, Wednesday. My original plan to visit the mall last Wednesday was just to stroll and to maul those pretenders loitering in Starbucks. I was supposed to kick some ass but then I saw there were only a few creatures forming a phalanx at the cinema’s counter. Temptation was so strong that night, I was bewitched by the movie, forced me to buy a ticket and glued my butt at the second row of the theater.

Though I was not enthralled to watch the fifth installment of the movie, I still did enjoy it. There was no bed scene in Harry Potter but it sure was entertaining. And for crap’s sake! They were just minors—or at least the time they were doing the film. I couldn’t say the film was great but it was fair enough to give it a level high than mediocre rating. Most viewers were disappointed by the current sequel of Harry Potter maybe because they were still hyped by those colossal robots. And I, too, would give Transformers a higher rating than Harry Potter. I would even rate Transformers the highest if there were robots having sex. That would be so cool… okay, it’s not!


There are still more new movies to come the following days. Grindhouse’s Planet Terror—yeah we’re too late—will be premiering this week while Ratatouille and The Simpsons will be on July 25. I don’t think I have enough budget to watch them all. I’ll wait for them in HBO instead, though it will take for almost a year. Hell no, I won’t wait that long. I’m just a block away from vendors of pirated DVD’s so why be desperate.

Selling body parts is also an option.



  1. noooo.. dont buy pirated stuff. i dont take you to be that type so i can tell you straight up. hehehe, plus it’s waaay better on the big screen

  2. what was that stench that might’ve killed you and the rest of the company? i’m a little curious, not with the smell but the source.

    i will not watch HP. never. because everyone’s going crazy over it. rather, i would like to see The Simpsons or Ratatouille.

  3. Paolo,
    Those films are great seen in the theaters indeed. I lack the budget to watch them all, I guess I have to choose from them and I’ll wait for the others to be released in video rentals… or the pirated stuff. LOL.

    We dunno. It smells like a rotten garbage.

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