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So I got in front of the mirror and instead of popping my zits and admiring my looks, I just found myself interrogating my reflection; myself. I also prepared a hanging lamp and let it sway back and forth to get that whole criminal-investigator thingie effect. It’s really weird talking to the mirror when all answer was just mimicry of my actions. I just kept my mouth shut and start talking to the reflection with my telepathy. If somebody found me talking alone they would think I was nuts—which I already am.

So you’ve been blogging often these days.
Oh yes I am. Obviously, I have less workload these days and I almost forgot that I am a graphic artist. I thought blogging and chatting is my profession.

How long have you been in the blogosphere?
Blogosphere. Pfft! I hate that word. I was actually blogging since 2005 when Friendster just promoted their blogging features… Oh I forgot! It’s not actually 2005, I think I started in Myspace. So I guess, that’s earlier. Nevermind, my old posts were really… just forget it.

As we both know, your blog before is not that active like now, right?

Yes. I didn’t know how to write well before—I still don’t think of it now. My updates before are usually once to thrice a month. That’s radically boring.

This Agent Grey, is this your alter ego from your other blog?
Not at all. Both of them are just characters I created, none of them are real. I don’t have an alter ego, I don’t have a mask and not a superhero.

So they’re fictional?
Not entirely fictional, both are part of me. They both project my ideas, stories, opinions and sexual inclinations; they are not different from me. Let’s take it like this; every artist put themselves in their masterpieces or at least a fragment of them. Isn’t that simple?

You are damn talking to yourself that’s why I will agree with you. Why don’t you publicize or commercialize this one just like how you done it with the other?
Nah, I don’t have to. This blog is too personal and somehow not that interesting. My life is not that adventurous enough. I don’t have any sex stories, wild vacations in different locations in the world or a steamy night with a hot girlfriend to tell. The only adventure I have is sitting on white porcelain toilet bowl and shit in it. If that is worth telling, then I guess this blog is far better than anyone else.

Is this your secret blog?
No! If this is a secret blog, I should have not share it to the public and marked this private in which, only I could read. I should have not also commented in other blogs as well using this pseudonym. I just don’t want to commercialize this, that’s it.

You don’t want this blog to be popular and reach stardom?

I will be a hypocrite if I’ll affirm to that. I think everyone else like to be popular at the bottom of their heads. I love to see this blog with a lot of commentators, readers, flamers, and statistics blasting off the chart. Then again, popularity is the least of my concern; I just need a sheet of paper—or at least a webpage— to trash out all in my head.

An outlet you mean?
Yeah, like that.

I think most of your readers are curious about you. If this is not a secret, why let them wonder and not shout at them the real you? Why hide?
I am not hiding! I guess it’s because I am sadistic, I like others to keep thinking and guessing. But no, I just don’t like publicizing my real name or posting my pictures in my blogs. The attention might get diverted to my pictures instead and wank to it, I don’t want that. Putting a little mystery is attractive too and really fun.

You’re staging a Mr. Mysterious here?
Not really. If they’re not lazy enough, they can easily solve it. The bread crumbs are everywhere—or at least in the web. Just a click from google or other search engines they will uncover the truth fast. And being that sadistic, this curious folks will not even share this secret to many; they love to torture the others as well too.

You think they are stupid?
I would like to think it that way. But no, they are just lazy… like me.

So what can you say about this interrogation?
I found it lame. Is this over? Can you go away now? I need to check if there are more zits coming out of my gorgeous face.

I can’t. I’m your reflection, stupid.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorry dumbass!



  1. honestly, i like your idea about “not-wanting-your-blog-to-be-commercialized”.. there’s a certain post here that really hit me when i read it like a moth ago.. come to think of it? i’m like so crazy at one point, about, you know, getting a high traffic, exchanging links, embedding a lot of widgets and all that.. but then, i came to realize that everything should just settle into it’s proper place if they’re really interested in reading your blog.. i mean i’ve done those things that basically satisfies my readers but not ME, when i know for myself that blogging is really a personal thing.. it should satisfy me first, before anyone else.

    of course i wanna be considered as one of the best blogs out there.. who wouldn’t right? but then, i wouldn’t let my own fulfillment in doing this be compromised over any amount of traffic or popularity.

    then again, nice post. =)

  2. Hala, schizophrenic ka na!

    Talking to one’s self is kind of good, unless you do it in public which i think is not a really nice thing to witness.

    way back i thought agent grey was someone else, then i stared at your header image, and the light bulb of recognition glimmered. aha!

  3. try mo to sa public, example sa harap ng tinted windows ng isang kotse di kaya sa reflection mo sa bintana ng mrt. parang gusto ko rin itry to ah. kailangan na rin kasi ng self-assessment.

  4. I had a flamer before. Back then, each of my entries was getting, like, 100 comments. Now, on average, I get 4 comments on each entry. I miss my flamer. sniff sniff

  5. Lalon,
    Thanks. You can post your personal views that your audiences can relate too. It’s not that hard, but again, audiences should be the least of your concern in your journal.

    That’s why I am telling to those curious seekers that it is not hard to look for this especially to those I have met personally.

    Ayos yun tapos biglang bubukas yung bintana nila at may tao pala sa loob.

    So far I don’t have any flamers, I don’t think I will have one at all.

  6. Haha! I have a new mission now! To find out who Agent Grey really is!

    now, where do I start???

  7. “Haha! I have a new mission now! To find out who Agent Grey really is!

    now, where do I start???”

    alright, how about if i give you clue?

    ** Agent Grey talks about something like he “multiplies”, go figure.


  8. Jigs,
    Your mission is damn too easy. When you found out you’ll just say “Shit, ikaw lang pala yun!”

    Hey no clues! Let the hints come to them spontaneously. :p

  9. i think your blogs are packaged well enough to fit the needs of their readers. the mystery shields you from the comparison of two very different blogs, which is why i choose not to believe you the others author.

  10. Paolo,
    Hell yeah! I’m cool with it and it’s better like that.

  11. nikki is a man!

  12. Marco,
    Nikki, that name is significant to me. It’s the name of my crush, Nikki Gil. LOL.

  13. “Hey no clues! Let the hints come to them spontaneously. :p”

    😛 sori naman.. clues are definitely everywhere.

  14. Hola faretaste

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