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Oatmeal was still waiting on the dining table while I was pouring skimmed milk into a glass. My brother came to the kitchen and had a glass of water. I was already heading to the the dining table when he popped a news I never heard before. He said that there were studies that large servings of milk could cause ovarian and prostate cancer. I was awed. So what should I do now? Pour my glass of milk down the drainage and put my oatmeal—with milk—on my face instead drinking or eating them? Hell no, I won’t do that! I just prepared my breakfast and I was already starving. Live free or die hard, I had to eat my breakfast.

When I arrived here in the office and the internet was ready, I did my research.

“Milk does other mischief. Its load of calcium depletes the body’s vitamin D, which, in turn, may add to cancer risk. Most dairy products are also high in fat, which affects the activity of sex hormones that play a major role in cancer. And it would come as no surprise that milk might affect the growth of cancer cells. After all, its biological purpose is to support rapid growth in all parts of a calf’s body. After the age of weaning, calves (like all mammals) have no need for milk at all, and there is never a need to drink the milk of another species.

Researchers are investigating whether dairy products might be culprits in other forms of the disease. Ovarian cancer, in particular, may be linked to galactose, a sugar produced from the milk sugar lactose. Yogurt, cheese, “lactose-free” milk, and other dairy products contain substantial amounts of galactose.”
Milk and Prostate Cancer: The Evidence Mounts by Neal D. Barnard, M.D.

A lot of diseases and illness are just appearing in our horizon while the world enters globalization and advanced technology. Cancer is one of those culprits and there are still no cure for this. Instead, there are more studies popping out that can cause cancer cells to invade our fragile human bodies and party inside our systems. There are no proven cure for this illness yet, only awareness and prevention can help the billions of earthlings to survive from it. Are these informations really causing awareness or just fear?

I hate it when there are more researches that can lead a sickness to another. Almost everything in this world has become lethal. Industrial and city smog can lead to lung diseases and cancer, that’s an acceptable fact. Who like to breathe in fumes anyway? Yes there is, the drug addicts especially those who enjoy pot sessions.

Then, there’s this preservatives in our food we ingest that cause cancer too. No food today has no preservatives in it. They may suggest that veggies and plant products are the safest, but they are also infested with pesticides and fertilizers are not made of natural manure anymore. Our potable water consists of different chemicals to purify it, do you still think it is safe? Even containers can’t escape the fact that it can be poisonous to our bodies too. Organic products are not that ‘organic’ anymore. Medicines are not also cure because they can damage our digestive system and eventually may lead to the big C too. The next thing we’ll know, none in our environment is really edible and all else will just die of starvation. What’s next in line? Porn movies can lead to eye cancer too? I will surely protest to that.

I guess that’s why humans don’t have brains connected to the internet. There are just too much information to overload it. A little info can cause awareness but a bunch of it can make the planet panic and revolve the opposite direction. Too much information is more fatal than cancer. It can cause insanity—I can prove that. Humans are mortal beings and will die one way or another.

“Cancer is evolution and nature’s harsh, but effective eliminator.”
quoted from Benj.

These infos should not hinder us from enjoying a normal life. We can still eat those preservative-rich corned beef, drink softdrinks or teas from venomous PET bottles or gobble on MSG infested snacks. We can feast on boozes with friends or grope a girlfriend’s breast. The facts don’t prohibit those things, they are just suggesting that our bodies have limits and there are things should be taken moderately. Anything excessive is deadly, even too much information.

Prevention will always be better than cure. I have a sure solution for this and it is guaranteed safe with proper usage.

Masturbate to save humanity!



  1. you got a brother??

    and yeah, first to comment!

    ‘Masturbate to save humanity!’? info overload!!

  2. Marco,
    He is actually my cousin, but he is more of a brother to me.

  3. good thing i’m a bit intolerant to lactose. milk makes my stomach gurgle and roil.

    so i resort to coffee. gallons of coffee.

    “Masturbate to save humanity!” – i have my version: “Masturbate with the opposite sex to save humanity!”

  4. palink link link link

  5. Mike,
    Do you still sleep?

  6. yeah, like 10 hours. the shortest time was 2 when i was doing 3 simultaneous baby theses.

    when i was with somebody i regret to have had a fiery relationship with, we usually have 9 hours of…sleep.

  7. I agree, everything should be in moderation. Scientists and researchers are so indecisive. They can’t make up they’re mind. Like for example eggs, first they said it was healthy, then it was unhealthy, then the yellow was unhealthy and the white was healthy. Now even milk is bad for us. There’s no food item that is completely clean, safe and healthy to eat. there’s always something wrong with it, one way or another.

  8. Okay, I love milk. As in. And I just found out yesterday the PCC (Philippine Carabao Center) in LB, which sells carabao milk for 55 pesos per liter! Come on! Who would hinder me from taking all those lactose (I also love yogurt.)? No one!

    Information overload. Pft. Now I don’t know if having a short-term memory is now a curse or a blessing. Whatever information I get, expect me to forget it in a matter of hours.

  9. Mike,
    I guess then, caffeine has a different effect on you. I would like to hear the details of that affair. LOL.

    Humans also have something wrong with it, one way or another. LOL.

    OMG, I love carabaos’ milk. I wish I can have one! The milk, not the carabao.

  10. My friends father died of Asbestos related illness and cancer. I inspired me to delve into the available research and information on how these terrible events might be avoided or life extended.

    From what i have read of the published medical data and research, particularly that conducted in China and Japan there is a great deal of evidence to support complimentary immune therapy, especially with infections and cancer. I’ve been following with some interest the development of a complimentary cancer treatment that has been designed in liason with the University of Newcastle (Australia) and although a somewhat different approach to the above outlined treatment the concept and the deliberate and effective use of natural elements in the product are similar. If you have an interest in this field or perhaps just want to keep abreast of a new treatment you may find fairly worthwhile reviewing.

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