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A baby cockroach suddenly popped out of the cup noodles I was having for my brunch. Ain’t that a great start for a Tuesday morning? I didn’t threw up all the noodles off my mouth, I just lost my appetite finishing it. If only I didn’t see the insect’s cadaver secreted a black substance out of its butt, I might have finished my meal. What a disgusting way to start this post!

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I will not be writing about that cockroach anyway. This is actually about creative blocks. Eating a cup noodles with a disgusting creepy crawling arthropod can lead to creative block—not really. You can try that, but I guess it will just be your facial expression will be affected than that of your gray matter. Everybody can have a creative block—with or without cockroach in your meals. Writers, bloggers and other forms of artists and contortionists are also dealing with this. It’s one of the reasons why TV series, books and movie sequels need a hiatus from all the stresses of creativity. If they pursue with a blank head, expect it to be a stinky crap unworthy of a single cent left in your pocket.

Creative block attacks instantaneously. It can rob all the informations and mindsets for the day. It can suck all the great creative juices more than a fellatio or cunnilingus can do. All you can do is make your brain bleed, expect nipples to come out of your butt cheeks or balls to grow under your eyes. But if you find yourself that you can’t remember what occured a minute ago, that’s called short-term memory loss. If for a year, that is amnesia. But for saying Michael Jackson is a straight guy, that’s a severe stupidity.

Don’t fret, it is natural. It can occur often or seldom, depending how loaded the brain with brilliant goals, orgasmic fantasies and emotional wreckages. This mental block is another way of the brain saying “Stop thinking, you need sex.” or “I’m tired, go decapitate your president.” It may not lead to physical injuries but can end to cerebral paranoia. During this situation, there’s more time to achieve nirvana or to practice tantric sex. Don’t push too hard, embrace it.

Yes, I am currently jotting with a creative block. It ain’t obvious because I have typed so many characters and letters now. All these are just made of shits and debris of my head. That’s the basic ingredients of my brain. Bah! I’m writing craps.

Actually, this post is a warning to all of my dear readers. Don’t eat a cockroach-infested cup noodles or else you’ll be writing rubbish like this… or maybe shittier.



  1. i like this. it’s abstract!

  2. i think you’re referring to The Writer’s Block. to quote my favorite author, it’s like constipation of the brain. that is why i give enough time for myself before i lounge and blog. in any case, the idea’s the same.

    it’s really dreadful.

  3. I once found a young cockroach in a beef noodle soup from Chowking. I never ate there again.

    I have a proven ratio when it comes to blogging and creative blocks. For every 3 blog-worthy posts I make, I make 1 creatively blocked one. Hahaha!

    I’ll take that advice of not pushing to hard and embracing my blockage.

  4. Thank God… I only drank water with a rat’s feces…oh wait that more eiwwww…

  5. The brain works like a penis. The more you use it, the less juices it will spurt out. LOL.

  6. Paolo,

    Yeah, creative block and writers’ block is just the same. Creative block is broader and can be used for the various type of artists.

    Sometimes when there is a creative block in our works we’ll realize it’s actually better than the other ones.

    What’s worse is if you found a rat in that water.

    Really? Does the brain go stiff too when sexually aroused?

  7. well for me.. creativity is often triggered by an inspiration.. to something or to someone.. without it, i’m empty (well most of the time).

    i’m so caught up with this one.. (^^,)

  8. Lalon,
    For us who earn and depend on creativity, we can’t always have an inspiration. There are also times we need to work despite of having an empty shell.

  9. 😦

    i feel you.. 😛

  10. Geeeeeez, that’s EWW. The fact that I hate cockroaches. What more if it pops out while I’m eating cup noodles?

    Good thing I’m no fan of instant noodles. Mwahaha.

    Very gross post. =)) You even mentioned ‘tantric sex’. I don’t think that’s the effect of that baby cockroach. Really.

  11. Utakgago,
    I guess the effect varies to different people. LOL.

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