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I am currently blogging in another workstation. Nice, blogging in workstation, now you know what kind of an employee I am now. But no fuss about it really, what’s the biggie here is why am I writing in a co-worker’s computer. Why am I blogging in this place anyway?

Garfield hates Mondays, and so do I, but I’m not Garfield. I do love lasagna but definitely I am no orange tabby cat, I ain’t got any whiskers ok? I did my usual morning routines, munching breakfast, quick 30-minute bath—yeah, that quick, and the boring redundant ride to the office. When I got into the office, I turned on my computer, but hell, it’s not loading. The screen was stuck with the Windows’ start page. All my work, projects and my beloved MP3’s were there. I would die morbidly without music in the office.

Instead of becoming bedazzled with the loading page, I transferred to the neighbor PC. The computer I used to work with. I thought it was fine but later it had gone slow to dragging. I was so pissed off. I could not blog the way I should be because I was away from the comforts of my LCD monitor, soft black keyboard, cool music, optical mouse and an inch thick dust. I just wished my PC would morph into a Mac.

So here I am, in the third PC. I am actually workstation-hopping now. Sounds cool eh? Not! I am not accustomed with their keyboards. Globelines still has an erratic internet connection until now, and it’s adding to the rise of my blood pressure and nerves on my forehead. This is really bad. Not just our broadband connection has gone nuts but also my PC has protested against me.

My dear work PC, why should things be like this? I am no dictator to you, in fact, I am the kindest user you can have. Why do this to me? My dear PC, if you’re reading this now, I am ordering you to work now! See? I told you, I am not a dictator.

This is terrible start for the week. I am all fucked up and it’s just Monday. Geez! I have an unloading PC, dragging neighbor computers, a nasty erratic internet connection and a mouth craving for spaghetti. What else can happen? Yummy hot naked girls playing in the showers?

I think I will love that last idea.



  1. i have something against Mondays. this day really starts my week right (that’s SARCASM).

    good luck with your PC. request for a Mac, technically it doesn’t crash. really.

  2. I hate Mondays too!

  3. Don’t we all want a Mac? Haaaay, I wish I had that beautiful Mac….

    You’re office’s experiencing a computer rebellion! Haha!

  4. I love my Mac more… but I having nothing much against my Windows PC. I’m a software tester (by trade)… so, I’m used to all kinds of platforms and operating systems…

    I’ve never blogged once at work… I’ve read other people’s blogs at work… and left comments… but nope, I haven’t tried blogging at work.

  5. Mike and Jhed,
    Who loves Mondays anyway?

    Yes, there is a rebellion but my boss already handled the anarchy before it could come to worse.

    Try blogging at work, it’s fun! It can be your excuse from tons of workloads.

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