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It was a tough night in the gym. My skin was continuously breaking sweat while I was catching for my breath. I immediately ran to our home and rushed to the bathroom. I stripped all of my sweaty clothes, threw them in the laundry basket and left my body barenaked. The water ran strong when I opened the faucet. “Great! I can use the shower this time.” I thought. I set aside the bucket and dipper and turned the shower knob to it’s maximum.

A cold running water brushed my face that ran down all over my body. I was wet, I was all wet. The strong water massaged my shoulders, then my back and eased the pains of a strenuous workout. My muscles relaxed, my heartbeat ran slower, my breathing normalized and my head… my head went to the universe of nostalgia.

It was more than a decade ago. It was like this in the shower, where water ran naturally instead of passing through tubes then dispersed by an overhead sprinkler. Instead of indoors, the shower was outside our homes occurring from June to September; the rainy season. There was still a splendor if innocence in me back then. I was not having booze, not mindful of politics, money or stupid dancers in noontime variety shows. I wasn’t giving a damn on the issues of sex, having a girlfriend, different types of porn or the distinguish an armpit hair from a pubic hair. Yes, I was a young sweet melodramatic innocent child bearing a single digit in my age.

We used to play in the rain before, especially when it was pouring hard. I didn’t play in the rain naked showing my petite balls and vienna sausage, I always had my shorts and undies on. My parents didn’t breed me like a ravaging nudist kid on the streets. The peril of leptospirosis carried by the flood was unheard before nor did we know that a single raindrop was filled of hundred microbes. We just wanted to get wet from the heavy downpour of the rain and play with the water spout not minding if there were smelly catshits on the roof.

Though, playing with rainshowers was seldom for me because my parents were overprotective to me, their own sole son. When they found out that I was not multiplying when I get wet, they allowed me to roam the damp streets half-naked and played with my cousins and childhood friends. It was just seldom that’s why I cherish each second of those memories playing in the rain. Bathroom shower would never equate the heavy raindrops of dark nimbus clouds. I wish I could play in the rain just like an innocent kid before… just like before.

The shower’s running water went weak. The apartment’s landlady may had turned off the water pump. I was over with my shower anyway. I turned off the shower and pat dry my gorgeous body with a thick white towel. I heard water spattering on the glass window. Rainy season arrived once again.

And I was also done with my half-hour shower. It was just a shower, believe me please!



  1. you can still innocently play under the rain.. =D

  2. Paolo,
    I realized playing in the shower is much more ‘gratifying’.

  3. i’m a rain person.. i love the more-than-words feeling that only the pouring rain could give.. my childhood days has a lot fond memories which involves playing in the rain (and letting myself be drowned by it – if you know what i mean).. and of course “not naked” and “not swimming over urinated flood as if their on some beach or something”..

    doesn’t seem to be raining much lately eh?
    (like when it’s supposed to..)

  4. i have never played in the rain when i was a kid. we once lived in Alabang, and rainwater in the metrop would never be as pristine as in provinces. it’s probably chock-full of industrial waste sediments.

  5. Lalon,
    It’s actually raining a lot here in Pasay and Makati these days.

    We were actually playing with the metropolis rain, but it didn’t matter to us back then. We enjoyed the rainfall, but I never did try swimming or dived under the flood.

  6. I think I’ve only played in the rain about three times when I was a kid.

    Oh, and I don’t believe that you only took a bath…you weird, weird person.

  7. Jigs,
    I swear. It was just a plain shower, I didn’t have a lubricant that time… Or whatever you think I might have doing.

  8. fondest memory of mine playing in the rain was when i was seventeen with my younger cousin, felt like a seven year old then though… i love the rain, when i don’t mind getting wet at all… hmm nostalgia

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