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Bile was filling my mouth as alcohol nearly drowned my brain from another boozefest last night. I traveled all over my bed just to get the right position as my cranium squeezed my brain. Damn I was drunk. I lacked my Z’s. The booze’s scent sticked in my nostrils. I had a hangover this morning. And I loved it.

Rush Hour Battle

It was already 7pm when I had my ride in MRT going to Quezon Ave. station. Ayala station was a big oven yesterday toasting all passengers buying and lining for their tickets and entering the station as they wait for the coasters to arrive. The station resembled hell that bloody evening. It was Friday, and that time was a rush hour. The train station was a gory battlefield.

The entrance of the train was already full when it arrived in Ayala station. I was eager to enter that train because friends were awaiting for me in PHILCOA. There I was, standing near the door and the crowd was already my support making the bars completely useless. Men were dominant in the coaster I was in. Warm bodies caused friction as they rub to each other along with the momentum of the jam-packed train. All these passengers shared the smell of sweat, colognes and stench. When I walked out of the train I acquired the stench of a thousand men. I was already drunk by the cocktail of sweaty juices when I stepped my foot at the meeting place.


I’ll move further to the aftermaths of the boozefest for the birthday duo of Joe and Irvin last night. Yes, I was totally drunk. I won’t go to details because of some inconveniences and shame I brought to my dear name. I have lost my dignity, but not my virginity. I am so drunk that I could belt a Backstreet Boy song. I was dead drunk when I came back to our home. I missed my bed a lot so I quickly took a bath and tried my best to have my Z’s. I passed out lying half-naked on my cozy bed. The booze effects was not yet over when I had a few hours of sleep. My head felt like it was hammered the moment I opened my eyes. I was rolling all over the sheets of my bed but the sandman didn’t appear to put me to sleep. Sandman only do nightshifts.

I do know how to manage hangovers. Hangover is caused by dehydration. I hydrated my body with a cool water from our water jug. I threw up a small amount of liquid substance off my dried mouth. Moments later, I came back to my bed and hit the sack. My masochistic self loved the feeling of hangovers. So I cursed liquors again.

Cheque Checked

My mom scolded me a little. Afterwards, she told me I had a letter from New York. I thought it was a job offer or one of the subscriptions I made in the internet. It could also be a letter sender from one of my fans overseas. I was wrong, it was actually more than what I expected. It’s a sex toy I ordered from ebay. It’s a cheque worth 25 dollars from Text Link Ads. Damn, I’m filthy rich! I’m one step closer to my Lambourghini Diablo dream car.

Sorry guys if I can’t share my luxury this time. I still have to build a mall to compete against the Ayalas and the Sy’s.




  1. Bile?! You had green stuff in your mouth?! Ang talented mo naman…

  2. Benj,
    Yes, ganyan ako katalented. Nagagawa kong maglabas ng digestive juice sa aking bunganga. LOL

  3. doooood, youre so way more fun when drunk. let’s do that again


  4. go sit in the middle of the road again 😀

  5. Sooooon. When I’m in the right age, I’d get drunk. With you guys, of course. SWEAR. LOL

  6. Jeff,
    Sorry, it’s one of a lifetime chance. I’m merciful and I give chance to others. And I’ll be the one laughing next time. LOL.

    Sorry, but I’m the one who’ll do the dare on the next boozefest.

    No, go drink and be drunk now!

  7. what? You’re still a virgin? ‘ala lang, it’s weird.

  8. Prudence,
    Yeah, and unbelievable too.

  9. Man, you transformed after a few pitchers. Haha!

    And you got the party started in Mcdo! Haha. (Or was it in the streets?) Iba ang pagka-hyper mo that morning pare. You made the party more fun than it already is. Hilarious.

    Looking forward to more boozefests. But sorry, I don’t drink (that much). So maybe we’ll find a new blogger to laugh at. Haha!

  10. Coy,
    Only lucky people see me in that damn shameful hilarious situations. You’re lucky to be one of them. LOL.

  11. Man, you transformed after a few pitchers. Haha!

    Damn, I concur 100%!!! hahaha

  12. Benj,
    I guess I should be in Transformers movie!

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