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XBOX 360 invaded our planet, Playstation 3 boasted it’s Blu Ray Disc, Nintendo Wii broke many vases and windows, and Online Games lagged the internet. Before all those consoles conquered humanity, there’s this classic game that reigned first before anyone else. Who will not forget the domination of Nintendo Famicom, or famously known as Family Computer? Atari came first but the Family Computer rocked harder. Rock on Famicom!

I found this folder in my shared documents, I opened it and walla! It is not a virus, it is a compilation of games that I could play when my bosses are not around. It’s an emulator of Famicom games, and nostalgia take me back to the time when my sweaty palms are playing those red joysticks of the console. Well, only this time I’m mashing the keyboards instead of those plastic buttons.

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Super Mario Brothers is really a big hit in Family Computer. There are several tricks, cheats and glitches can be done in this stupefying game. Mario can do Michael Jackson’s moonwalk in one stage, and there are more tricks for the bonafide Mario Brothers addict. Mario fanatics definitely know that humping jumping continuously on the innocent green tortoise leads to hundred lives. Luigi still looks like the identical twin of Mario in the first version of Super Mario Brothers, he just sports a green hair and mustache and dons a white jumper suit. And I really thought before, mushrooms were the organic form of Cherifer syrup.

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One of my favorite game in Famicom is Contra. It was the coolest game of that time. It’s comparable to Devil May Cry, Onimusha and Metal Gear, minus the 3D renditions, cinematics, breath-taking scenes, flashy sounds… err, so it’s not really like those mentioned games. Who’ll forget the up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-select-start combination before the game starts to achieve 50 lives?

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Just like other consoles, thousands of games are also produced for Famicom. Famicom cartridges came up of couples up to hundreds of game in one cartridge. Only disappointing for most of this, they just repeat most of the games with just a minor tweaking or putting glitches in the gameplay but the game still ends in the same way.

I’m not really fascinated with Famicom, I never have the chance to finish any game of it. It lacks the saving function which is most available in all console today. The images are pixels and the sounds are annoyingly disturbing. I don’t like Nintendo Famicom, but I’m blogging it. Stupid me.

I’m talking geeky this time and with my previous post, will this blog turn to a techblog? I doubt it. If techblogs are also sexual, then why not?



  1. I’ve played all the games that you’ve reviewed. Actually I got my first FamiCom as a Christmas gift from Santa Claus. I still remember that. *smiles* Liked the kulit captions by the way.

  2. naunahan ako sa old school SNES games! asar

  3. Joe,
    Syempre, first come first serve.

  4. bakit wala ang Galaga dito?!


  5. Paolo,
    I’m more on Galaxian and Space Invaders!

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