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I am friggin’ good looking. No, not ‘handsome’, dummie! I am handsome and I know, no need to explain that. What I’m saying, I have mischievous looks. People I meet for a few times conceive me as a good fella. I don’t have problems with that notion, in fact, I’m overwhelmed. It’s just, me being ‘good’, is overrated.

Testimonials in my Friendster repeatedly say that I’m mabait, an overused word. That’s in Friendster of course. Anyone can put flowery flattering words to push the user to testify to the commentator in return. Only a fool will approve sourgraping and badmouthing for his testimonials anyway. Good thing with all my testimonials, others write I’m this, then others say the extreme opposite of that. I have the best of both worlds. But well, the word mabait is still redundant.

Relatives and friends who see me seldom already labelled the word ‘good boy’ on my forehead. It has flashing bulbs and turns on everytime they see me. While some see a bright halo surrounding my head. I guess, I’m just too good to be true. It never come to me that I can be a saint, a prophet or a god to anyone. When the Pope visits our country I will try to meet him, ask him to beatify me and turn me to saint. I can even replace his position in the Holy See. No, I can’t do that. I don’t want to be celibate, I want to have sex too.

Maybe I’m radiating too much good vibes. That’s not bad at all. I just don’t want to surprise them whenever I’m dancing lousily wild when booze drowns my brain. I don’t want to astonish them either when I bash the government or when I berserk with wrath. I also don’t want to shock them when my sex scandals are released in pirated DVD’s or with a simple click in the web.

I am not all good, no one is absolute. I am evil too. I have megalomaniac plans of ruling the world. I step on the grass even if it’s signed with “Keep off the grass”. I like to torture cockroaches. I eat without washing my hands. I masturbate. I watch porn in my dad’s cellphone. I still want a vibrating pocket pussy. And hell, my favorite color is orange.

I am good looking, I know. Yes, I speak of ‘handsome’ this time.


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Safari now works in Windows. I can’t install it in my office PC because of administrator privileges. It can’t be installed in my desktop PC at home. Safari doesn’t work in pirated Windows.

Darn! I wasted an hour downloading in an intermittent dial-up internet at home.



  1. Safari in Windows is fugly. kthxbye

    wait. it’s fast. fast is good. but it’s still ugly. and totally out of place in the middle of Windows’ Luna interface. and I wrote about it before anyone else in the local blogosphere did. mwahahah.

  2. Safari isn’t working properly in my XP machine though. Damn.

  3. did you ever like supermario?

    this sounds so abstract but the post reminded me luigi… i dont know why. damn i’m weird.

  4. Jeff,
    Then I’ll buy a Mac later!

    It’s damn all right.

    I played it before but never finished it, ever. It’s really weird, I can’t decipher it either.

  5. I have something to confess. (Waaaah! Gumaganun, oh!)

    There was something about you when I first saw you. I can’t explain it much, but you radiate a kind of aura that tells me you’re mabait. Yeah, the word’s overrated, I know. But that’s just it. It was a feeling that even if I don’t know you much, I know you’re a good person. REALLY. Ahaha.

  6. i will definitely not use safari in windows. it’s only for mac. jeff is right, it wouldn’t fit in. besides it would just look so pathetic in xp. it can’t actually simulate the real safari interface, so the feeling is totally blah.

  7. Yna,
    Oh really thanks. Am I really that kind or plastik lang? LOL

    Then I really have to buy a Mac… Now!!!

  8. Why do most comments are for that off topic thingie? Comment on my main post you guys!

  9. natawa na lang ako sa mga final statements mo about you being evil. how’s polly pocket pussy and masturbating to your dad’s scandals on phone sound?

    taena naman agent grey! i thought you’re a good boy. mabait.

  10. Joe,
    It sounds and feels great to be evil sometimes.

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