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Today, we celebrate the Philippine Independence Day. Are we truly free? Is this liberty? It isn’t. There’s no liberty in Philippines, it’s in New York.

Where’s freedom anyway? I’m not even free from the pains of my bloody ankle due to my Ice Skating last Saturday. Tinge of agony cripples me with every splash or a gentle touch on the afflicted ankle. I need to put plasters on those bruises before I put my socks on, but imagine the pain of my ankles while walking. I need liberty for this.

No Filipinos can escape the sad reality of worsening primetime telenovelas. Scripts are totally dumb and dialogs are terribly cheesy. TV stations choose ratings over quality storyline and overexposed high-priced celebrity over true blue talented actors. Scenes are obviously flawed, blue screens are recognized, harnesses are noticeable and young stars act horribly, yet, most still patronize their favorite stupid local primetime show. Just like my mom that notices every flaws in every scene, and yet, she continues to watch those programs every weeknights. The local tube imprisons our brain with stupid ideas and silly gossips.

What’s more powerful than our government? Showbiz that is. We are affected with celebrity scandals while political issues only come next to this. Showbiz has proven its supremacy over the country and its men. Who in this land will not know the Ruffa-Yilmaz separation and the ever controversial Gretchen-John Estrada kissing issue? Or who would ever forget Kris Aquino’s confession of having STD during her rift with Joey Marquez? The Philippine government is not in Malacañang, Congress nor Senate. Showbiz is the authentic Filipino Parliament. Baldy homeboy Boy Abunda is the Prime Minister, Cristy Fermin is the President, Jobert Sucaldito is the Minister of Defense and Richard Gomez is the Minister of Senseless Tactless Talking. While we, the common citizens, are bewitched by these authorities and forget that the fucking first family is already sacking our taxes in their bellies.

Who doesn’t want tons of greens? Not those veggies, it’s the money, silly! Whoever said no, I’m sure he’ll be hit by a raging comet from the deep of the cosmos after reading this. Everyone in this country expect to win in a one in a million chance of a lifetime probability in lottery. I am also one of those, it’s my wet dream to win the lotto. My mom has been betting for more than a decade yet only consolation prizes — or the balik-taya — are the best that the lady luck can give. Our minds are trapped. We all expect that a simple combination of numbers can change our fate and climb us to the upper echelon. I don’t believe lotto can take us miles higher from what we are in now, but I just can’t take off the idea that we have the chance of winning too. We’ll have that jackpot in due time, maybe later.

It’s a fact that we Filipinos are dying to have great hair. Shampoo and other haircare products fool us with promises of manageability, smoothness, and luster. They have numerous brands but all of their ads show the same thing, girls with long smooth shiny soft jet black hair. Whether male or female, all aspire to have a gorgeous crown. Will these products liberate us from bad hair days? Or are they just conquering our heads with foolish promises? For all I know, we don’t have freedom from frizzy and unmanageable hairs. This is a tropical country so expect humidity kill your prestigious crowning glory… Or go baldy, no more hair to bother, except for those who’ll be blinded when the sunlight strikes the naked head.

Today, June 12, we celebrate our Independence Day. We are not free. You need to pay us a sum of money for a one night stand.



  1. all i can say is, i have great hair. i use horse shampoo…

  2. “There’s no liberty in Philippines, it’s in New York.”

    Hayop sa banat! Hahahaaa!

    “I am also one of those, it’s my wet dream to win the lotto.”

    Eto pa!

    TEKA. May STD ba si Kris? Dahil dun kay Joey? Ha!?!?!

  3. Paolo,
    How many times do you have great hair in a week?

    Yap meron at dun nga, pero palagay magaling naman na yung gonorrhea nila. May isa pang sakit si Kris… si Hope!

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