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The time and the weather didn’t allow me to sleep for more than 3 hours. I arrived 4:35am at home from a casual semi-grandiose blogger meetup arranged by Kevin, a proof of his influence in blogosphere. I slept at around 5am already.

All young bloggers, I included, were excited for June 9 to arrive. There were no gameplans or fixed agenda at all except to meet first in Starbucks at SM Mall of Asia. When all of the attendees arrived casually that afternoon they went to Yellow Cab to munch their criss cut Four Seasons Pizza while gulping a 500 mL Sola Iced Tea. Let’s have a roll call of all there in Yellow Cab in that hot June afternoon, shall we? They were Kevin, Karla, Cars, Joe, Chabs, Kim, Vinch, Jhed, Jed w/o H, Billy, LA, Shari, Yna, Aaron, Jeff, and Rens.

After eating their two delectable 18 inches Pizza they headed towards the Ice Skating rink to glide their feets and stumble on the slippery frozen rink. Neil arrived exactly when majority decided to scratch the ice floor. The skate shoes were hell stinky, stick it in your nose and it will kill you instantly, faster than the king cobra’s venom. It was more than 10 years ago when I played in the ice skating rink in SM Megamall. Luckily, I still have the idea how to slide my feet on that icy floor. I could slide better than Rens who couldn’t even manage to maintain his balance and skate beyond the railings. I was off-balanced a few times and also slumped on the floor which bruised my elbow and bumped my hips. I loved the bruise on my elbow, but I hated the wound it made with my ankles. Almost all ended with wounded ankles and smelly feet, thanks to the ice skates! Buying new pair of socks was necessary that night.

After ice skating, we ate dinner at the food court which was just above the rink. Moments later, Benj arrived and Irvin. I could see in the eyes of the younglings that they were somehow intimidated by the Atheista’s presence. I have met him a few times already (in Blog Parteeh and Philippine Blog Awards) but I haven’t got close and converse with him personally. The younglings went home early while we the other half stayed and proceeded to Malate for a booze boost and belted our vocal chords in Fat’s KTV bar.

I was competitive that night and I couldn’t defeat the scores of Sasha and Tintin… err I mean, Jhed and LA’s tandem nor the new singing sensation Joe. At least I sang a few songs — Oh! most of the queued songs.

I attest to all that Benj is completely harmless. He was so gentle enough not to devour us all that night. He is not what most think of him actually, so don’t be scared. He may be an institution in the blogosphere but he is not someone to fear of. Okay! I am too kind to him because I don’t want this blog be pulverized!

Yes, I survived a night with Benj. However, I didn’t survive the agony of a splashed water on my wounded ankle. Ouch! It was cool, totally!

[Do I sound so 90’s? COOL!]



  1. basta naka99 kami ni joe. wooo. =)) linkin’ park ata yung kanta or escape. ESCAPE!!! hehe.

    why the title?

  2. LOL! Wag na Kevin, kami naka-una dun noh! Hahaha!!!

  3. utakGAGO,
    Escape yun, hinatak lang ni Joe yung score niyo. Kayo ganun ang title kasi SEO mode ako! Dumami hits ko dito. LOL.

    Lagi kayong kinakalaban ni Joe… hindi man lang kami umabot nila Benj at Irvin sa scores niyo. Demmet!

  4. If i were there, people wouldn’t feel my presence. I could shut the hell out of my mouth and listen to people talking and babbling.

    Then again, I was not there, so many were saved.

    Next time nalang ako sama. Kung meron pa. Haha.

  5. Mike,
    We could use to telepathy to communicate with you.

  6. WAAAAAAH! I could still remember that at that time, while you guys were having your booze of alcohol, Shari and I were texting each other and I was talking to a blogger on the phone. Aaaaaannnd, Moses texted me too through Shari. Funny, really, cause he got words spelled wrongly. Lasheng. LOL

  7. i had fun. it was a total blast. what made the night out fever much happy is through pairing of jhed and LA. haha. I’m looking forward for more. hehe

  8. Yna,
    I guess a shot of bacardi can make words slurry… even in text.

    Wait for your sembreaks. I don’t have problem with my schedule anyway.

  9. haha. i really enjoyed the night. apir!

  10. Did we meet during the Blog Awards? Di ata. At least I don’t recall talking to you. We did talk for ten seconds during the “autograph” portion of the blogparteeh.

  11. Wait, dumami hits? LOL. Bakit site ko hindi? Hahaha

  12. Benj,
    Some kinda like that… only a glimpse though. Dumami lang ng a fraction… hindi mo lang siguro napansin kasi mga 0.023% lang ang nadala ko sa iyo.

  13. inamag na yung post bago ko makacomment. haha.

    goodboy nga yan si benj eh! and yeah..singing sensation. understatement ba yun!?

  14. Joe,
    May lumot na nga eh.

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