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Another day again with a blank head. I’m in the brink of another nothingness moment. This might be the side effects of all the events yesterday. No, it’s not a big party or so, just a simple day in the office just put all the cramming stresses and the side effects of not having multivitamins. Oh yes, there were a lot of things yesterday.

It was a bloody boring afternoon and I was waiting for the heaven to drop a new project for me. The heaven didn’t answer but someone knocked on our office door. They were two of them, two old men, one foreigner while the other was a mestizo. The mestizo guy was very familiar, I knew he was an actor before, but my mind could not reminisce when or where. He was the old guy hanging upside down in the Bulldog Superglue TV ad. They asked a simple request for us.

I was asked to go to their office to retrieve a file from their PC since his employees wasn’t able to do it. Their office was just in the 2nd floor of the same building of our workplace. While I was retrieving the file from their PC one of his female employees asked his boss.

“Baka pwede na rin siyang mag-VTR?”

His superglue model boss turned to me, and I replied, “Sige po.” in a mild shy tone though inside me I was yelling, “This is it. This is the start of my stardom.” Yes, it’s my aspiration to be seen in TV or any print ads. So after I saved the file to their flash disk, I signed my name and contact details in a bond paper and stepped in front of their videocam. Unfortunately, they didn’t ask me to strip off my clothes and show off my balls, buns and sausage, I thought they were looking for a pornstar or a slut mag model, darn! I just simply stood in front of the camera smiling, stating my name and turning sideways then look at the camera again dramatically. I was not expecting to pass anyway because the model they were looking for was a japanese looking guy for a new japanese restaurant.

Of course, we had to go back to our office and print the materials we had in the flash disk. Luck was not with us in that hour, catastrophe arrived with horrendous winds of misfortunes. When we had to print those files, the printer was just printing in grayscales so when I checked the cartridges I found out that the color cartridge still had that yellow strip on it. Stupid me! I pulled off the strip and we all thought things will be okay but we were all wrong, the cartridges were clogged. Darn it! Our client just withdrew.

Anyway, if you’ll see a print ad or whatever ad material it is with an Egyptian/Indian/Thai looking guy for a new Jap Restaurant, then that will be me.


There’s this animated movie Renaissance (thanks to Marco) that somehow reminds me of the CD covers of Max Payne which is all in just black and white vector style. This one ends with the same fate of Scanner Darkly which can only be watched through pirated DVD’s or just be rented in local video rentals. Here’s the trailer enjoy.

This blog’s turning to movie updates now… of another film with Daniel Craig for voicing. James Bond is all over the big screen, darn!


I’m looking forward for the bloggers’ meetup on June 9… And of course, for the results of that damn VTR!

Oh and oh! Happy 16th Birthday Yna!



  1. Oooooh. Would Agent Grey be lucky enough to land on that modeling stint?!

    Tons of luck.

  2. if they dont give you the gig, you can send them files to crash their system.

  3. Yna,
    Well then, let’s see… If you made that wish while blowing your birthday candle, then I’m sure I’ll land it, and I will treat you with Jap foods.

    I don’t have too, their PC’s are already doomed.

  4. Hmmm. I’ll wait for the prints. Haha.

    Btw, you’re also going on the 9th? Aaargh. I just can’t go. I wanna dead.

  5. Mike,
    I think they will just post my face on a porn movie, sad.

    But anyway, have you watched sliding doors, maybe you can split yourself into two. Or go get yourself wet and multiply, instead.

  6. Agent Grey = Model. Not bad. Haha.

    Hmmm. See you on the meet-up, bro. Probably. 😛

  7. By the way, I’ll link you up on my blogroll. Hehe.

  8. Dan Hellbound,
    Wait for me in the ads. LOL. I already added you in my links. Thanks.

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