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Last Friday, I watched the final installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. The film is great, but don’t fret because I will not write a review regarding the movie for I may spoil that Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) will become the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Ooops! I guess that’s the spoiler.

Then, this weekend we also finished the full season of Heroes. Thanks to Makati Cinema Square for their generous support for piracy. Kudos, now I’m one of those ahead from Heroes’ fans who rely on cable and local channels for the episodes. And of course, I will not tell how the TV series ended its volume one, so move on and read this post. This post is not a review, OK?


This is not regarding the “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” — better if it’s the “Pirates XXX” — or about “Heroes”, so move on fellas. Who doesn’t own pirated copies of movies, music and TV series here? Even Lani Mercado, the spouse of a former OMB/VRB Chairman, admitted that she also have pirated copies of movies in their home. I have several pirated copies of my favorites and not so favorites at home. Well, all my 3GB music at home and at the office comes from Limewire — I know! Torrent’s better.

I’m not provoking anyone to buy pirated copies, because first and foremost, it’s illegal and kills the film and music industry. If you’re buying local albums opt for the original, that’s a big help and it’s not that expensive anyway. For those people saying that pirated copies lacks the quality of the original, don’t believe them! There are also MP3 CD’s/DVD’s which every music file’s bitrate is 192 kbps. And heck, how can you buy an album if there are only a couple of songs you like there, waste of money. If you have a broadband connection at home, P2P sharing softwares like limewire or bittorrent are big help for your playlists, just be aware of your hard disk space and of course, the risk of virus invading your PC.

Thanks to the technology of TiVo, internet and DVD burners for now we can watch our favorite TV shows without the meddling of devious ads and cable ad interruptions. Name the foreign TV series that you like, Heroes, Prisonbreak, Lost, Entourage et. al. and all the koreanovelas you are dying for, they are just there in a junk mall waiting to be bought. Worth only 60 pesos upwards but less than 100 pesos, you already have a full season in your hands. Add a bit more greens and you’ll have the 3 seasons in your bag. It’s more practical than to wait for each episodes in the tube or spend about a thousand for just one season of your favorite TV series.

Piracy is just like terrorism or like any other crimes. It’s inevitable. It’s a part of the society. It can’t be prevented anymore and the only solution for this is control.

I just hope OMB chairman, Edu Manzano or anyone working there is not reading this. I am not the Pirate King nor promoting it. I’m just addicted to Heroes, that’s all!



  1. The Heroes Finale was really really disappointing. I wish Ando and that fat policeman died in the final episode. hahaha

  2. POTC is a movie that a no-brainer like me would not understand. LOL. And Heroes…? Ah, nah. Am not gonna watch the second arc. Bad reviews (Yeah, reviews affect my decisions. LOL).

    Piracy, I guess, is really ineveitable. I mean, we’re not the richest country in the world, so naturally, we’d go after something cheap, even if it’s illegal. It’s cheap after all, and we’d get entertainment. Who wouldn’t want that? But, well, yeah, it still is illegal.

  3. *inevitable

  4. heroes is the most awesome thing on tv this year. the end was disappointing though.

  5. Benj,
    But Ando has a power too… the Power of Friendship! LOL. Okay not! That’s too corny.

    O c’mon, t’was just the last episodes got the rant reviews. I still do know you’re interested to watch it.

    If only Pinoy teleseryes are just like that, then I won’t bash any drama series anymore!

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