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Warning: This post contains sensitive issues and a mature topic. If you can’t stand the topic you may move away from this site and see Dora the Explorer instead. You can also read my other entries if you want to and that will be great. This is only for open minds and not for the divines and stereotypes. But for those couple of readers — and fans, if there’s any — you’ll be disappointed because there are no porn images and videos nor erotic stories inside.

A class was having a heated argument until one female student stood up.

“Fuck you!” crisp words coming out from the female student saying to their professor.

All students fell silent.

“Putang ina mo! Putang ina mo!” replied the professor in a booming voice.

Students gawked.

The female student was stunned and almost teary-eyed.

“Hindi ba mas masakit kapag sariling wika kapag ginamit sa pagmumura?” explained the professor.

End of story.

Cursing and cussing sounds normal these days. Even kids say foul words on streets or anywhere without the eyes of their guarding parents. My 3-year-old inaanak can say “Ayu!” — which means “Fuck you” for us adults — while pointing her index since her little fingers can’t form the bad finger. I admit, I cuss too, but it’s rarely heard from me. I am no saint or angel because I’m a demi-god bestowed with holiness and divinity, I am a human endowed with flaws too. My regular obscene expression is more of a reaction than of those affective foul words.

Shit, Shet or Syet. This word is totally senseless because it only means crap, in tagalog tae. Completely pointless, isn’t it? I use this word often since it means nothing for those shocking moments. Sometimes I just use the word “crap” to soften my personality and not to make people think I’m rude. I just don’t add “ka” to this because I don’t degrade people and make them feel or be levelled to a shit.

Fuck. I say this in less audible manner, which mostly I, myself, can hear. This only comes out when irritated with an annoying situation. Sometimes I add “shit” to make it “Fuckshit” which simply means… nothing. I don’t add “you”, again, it’s pointless and no effect to someone who still needs a millisecond to translate it to his native tongue.

Puñeta. When irritation is aggravated that’s the moment I use this word. I don’t put someone after that word because it’s just a spanish term for jerk off or masturbation. So if I say this to someone, I’m just ordering him to jerk off, that’s gross… and senseless!

Bitch. This is a degrading word. If this is said as a profanity, it means comparing to a bitch, the female dog who knows nothing but be humped by it’s male partner; a whore. Now this word I say to someone, whether it will be heard or just by myself. It comes out when that person really deserves to be called bitch. Bitchy attitude and persona, annoying remarks or so makes me become rude and raises my temper.

Putangina mo. This cuss equates “son of a bitch” in English and “hijo de puta” in Spanish. For us Filipinos, this is the most powerful cuss word one can say. Including an innocent mother to a curse and compared to whore, it’s really aggravating. When this already comes out of me, it means I am terribly mad. It’s when I can collapse the wall of our home and berserk with madness. This occurs once in a blue moon because I’m very sweet, mild and kind, and not mentioning, uber handsome that’s why I can’t lose my posture and dignity.

There are still more profane words I also say such as ulul — which is substituted by utut, gago, eng — means idiot or tanga, damn it, and more. I just don’t use the word “leche” because it just means “milk”. It doesn’t even fit to be a cuss word, only idiots will be affected and will internalize it. So instead of leche, one can opt for the word sinverguenza which means a person utterly without shame, or in our local term walanghiya.

I am not promoting profanities. In fact, I hate it. I hate it when people use it for no purpose or who have no idea with the meaning of what they are saying. I despise it when kids use it and others saying it without proper usage. Cursing is not for all people and mostly not for all ages… it’s just like porn or other vices.

Swearing must be done responsibly and said with its proper usage.



  1. Responsibility. But I wonder, though, if responsibilty’s still thought about when somebody’s way over his head with anger? Di ba? Cause, really, I definitely am not. Maybe that’s what cursing and cussing is for. For those times that you want to strangle somebody, but can’t do so and so, you can only hurt him/her through words.

    Do I make sense? LOL

  2. Yna,
    Responsibility is not only done before or during the action. It is throughout, which means, we are still responsible to what we said whether we mean it or not. Responsibility also handles its effects.

  3. I’m a cuss word myself. I mean, I cuss unconsciously when I get tensed or something.. I don’t know, but I’m trying to cut the shit stuff.


  4. an american friend told me ones that ‘putanginamo’ sounds so strong you can’t mistake for a good word. ahehe.

    anyway, i am now a fan. linking you up…

  5. Mikee,
    Mikee You! You’re a cuss word you say. LOL. Anyway you used the word shit as an adjective so don’t worry! LOL.

    Thanks for linking and for being a “fan.” It maybe strong but if it will take a sec just to translate it, it will just sound like a very funny joke but can’t be understand because it’s from a foreign language.

  6. it’s so nice to cuss during billiard games, no? when you are supposed to pocket the ball pero nakanamputcha makapal ang tira. lol

  7. Lei,
    Yes it’s nice to cuss especially when losing. LOL.

  8. some people think that cursing makes them cool. makes them look hard and brave. losers. haha. it’s my opinion. not everyone though. only some.

  9. I never said PI out loud until I got into College. haha.

    I still cuss less than your usual everyday student. And the cuss word I say the most is DARN! I’m meant for a G-rated audience!

  10. Benj,
    So the usual everyday students cuss a lot these days? Damn them!

  11. Of course! Unless that usual everday student is a deaf mute of course…

    But then again, there are cuss hand signs as well!


    Damn them indeed!

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