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Bright lights engulfed me, blinding my sight that made darkness devoured my vision. Did I fall asleep? I didn’t know because for all I remember, my world had turned black, colors were not there nor light had passed through my eyelids. The moment my world was covered in darkness, I couldn’t distinguish what’s dream or what’s real. I felt tired all I wanted to do then was to go to sleep and rest.

Screams, shouts and cries woke me up. All of those came from my parents, relatives and friends. I wanted to open my eyes to see the commotion but no luck, “I am blind” I remembered. I forced my feet to stand up from my bed, yet they were not responding, my whole body had gone numb. I was inutile, I was useless to help them from a situation I hardly knew. All my struggle was useless, I passed out.

Though I couldn’t differentiate night and day, I did know I woke up the following day. The next day of my blindness, it was clearly different than before. It felt like there were so many people in my room. I could hear voices, but it was weird. Voices were like mumbles or coming from the other room, but I did know they were all in my room. Am I going deaf too? What were they doing in my room? And I did feel them all looking at me while lying in my bed. I also heard something audible from those mumbles:

“You’ll get through this.”

“Everything will be just fine.”

My bed this time was also different now. It was cozy and comfortable, but it was narrower. I couldn’t breathe on my new bed, as if it was choking me and air was barely passing through my nostrils. I couldn’t bare this anymore, I wanted to stand but none of my body was responding. I was also crying but I didn’t feel my tears roll down my cheeks. I was screaming “What’s happening here?!” but my vocal chords was dry and my mouth was not opening too. I was extremely puzzled, I couldn’t hear an answer to all these questions.

Few days had passed, everything was like that each day. People were visiting me in my room, still, all words I was hearing were just mumbles, whispers and some were sobbing. Until one day, I felt like I was moving again, but not with my feet. They were from the wheels of my bed. “At last, I will be away from that room and from those people!”, I thought. But these people in my room were also following me, I thought I could get away from them. Darn!

My moving bed came to a halt. The people following me then cried. I was also hearing my mom sobbing loudly. Cries were echoing through the whole room. Wailing was even louder as I was transferred to my new bed, a steel pan. I was still wondering what was happening, since moving would be useless, I didn’t mind this time.

The new room was different, it was warm. No, it was hot. Flames were consuming my body, I feel myself burning. I was in agony as flame and the hot pan burned my skin. I was shouting but no one was hearing my voice in this secluded fiery room.

“Why are they doing these to me?”

Questions were running through my head, but it was too late no one could answer. All I could do was to lay still and feel the pain of burns and blisters on my skin. There was nothing to do but accept this tremendous pain. I was consumed by the fumes and flames, but I went numb and didn’t feel it again. I fell asleep as I lay in this chamber… Did I really fall asleep?

The next thing happened, I could open my eyes. I am alive. I saw light from a small hole. Was it the way to heaven? I didn’t know. I heard my mom.

“We will miss you forever my son.”

She peeped from that small hole in tears, I couldn’t do anything but say a simple statement that I wish she could hear.

“I love you mom, I’ll miss you too.”

Then the hole was covered. I was back in the shadows, I wish I would see that light again. But now, my heart is at peace, I have no questions anymore. I accepted my fate.

But where am I? Why am I here? Why do I feel like I’m a million pieces now?



  1. akala ko comedy siya. yung tipong – BAT WALA AKONG MAKITA!?! yun pala, brownout lang pala.


    niiiice. medyo usual yung plot pero, henyo ang pagkakasulat. astig!!

  2. Like a nightmare. Feeling helpless and restrained yet very much aware of every little change in the immediate environ. These are the sorts of moments when you say your sorrys and whisper, even in your own head, a prayer. A cry for help perhaps. It can happen again.

    So say pray’rs before going to bed. Hehe. Be careful what you write about, you might end up summoning stuffs, haha.

    Still wish i can write something with the label ‘literary’. keep writing

  3. I agree with utakGAGO! This is…wow. I actually tell you that I could feel the words sipping to my system.

    And another thing, this is unexpected. This is the first literary work that I’ve read from you. And it is…wow.

  4. utakGAGO,
    Thanks! Syempre dapat medyo seryoso naman dito.

    Yikes, don’t worry I still say prayers at night. You write better than me, you can do that too!

    WOW! Thanks… I rarely write literary pieces and you’re lucky to read one of them, only that, this one is creepy.

  5. i wish i could also write that would somehow resemble yours. i’m really not into creative writing, and i wouldn’t dare take that blasted subject just to learn to write “creatively. i write the way i hear it inside my head.

    very nice.

  6. Mikee,
    Thanks. It’s actually the same with creative writing, what you only need is urge. It will come out naturally so don’t force it.

    That is… if the urge you’re thinking is different from the urge I’m saying.

  7. Impressive. Medyo may ilang grammatical errors, pero that can be polished. Nonetheless, maganda ang pagkakasulat.

    Ang eerie nung story. Buhay ang feeling pero patay ang katawan. Eek.

  8. Jhed,
    Thanks. Once my literature prof said, grammar is not specifically needed for literary works… grammars are for proofreaders. LOL

  9. ahh. dinudugo nostrils ko. balikan ko na lang to next time di ko ma-comprehend eh, pag di na ako lasing. he he..

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