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And he put the first slide into the frame and slid it behind the lens. A circular photogram in sharp black and white appeared on the screen. It had been taken at night under a full moon, and it showed a wooden hut in the middle distance, its walls dark against the snow that surrounded it and lay thickly on the roof. Beside the hut stood an array of philosophical instruments, which looked to Lyra’s eye like something from the Anbaric Park on the road to Yarnton: aerials, wires, porcelain insulators, all glittering in the moonlight and thickly covered in frost.

excerpt from His Dark Materials Book One: The Golden Compass

The Lord of the Rings trilogy has already ended in the big screen, though The Hobbits — the prequel for LOTR — is already in the drawing board. Obviously, Harry Potter is still on the run until the final two movies are shown. Another Dan Brown book is also in the line, Angels and Demons.

Movie adaptations from books have been a big hit since Harry Potter emerge to the silver screen. A lot of published materials of different genres also came to Hollywood. The bookworms become movie buffs. I am not a bookworm, in fact, I am rarely seen reading books. Glancing through the thick pages and every lines of words helps me put into trance and achieve the nirvana of wet dreams. I don’t say I don’t like reading books, I love them. It’s just that, I am not a bookworm.

My mom has a mini-library at home. Most of her bantam books were authored by Michael Crichton, Charles Dickens and a lot more. How much I am tempted to read them, I can’t, for dust and mildews consume the pages of those unprotected reading materials. If ever I’ll try to read them, I need a gas mask to protect me from the allergens coming out through the leaves. Sneeze and runny nose will be triggered again, that’s why I stay away from them. Except for one book, a hardbound textbook about sexual behavior which I think my mom forgot to return to the library centuries ago. At the end of that book, there’s still this borrower’s slip attached inside. It’s a very educational porn!

There are only six books I consider mine, half of these are self-help while the other half are fiction. My fictions all came to the cinemas. The first one I bought was Dan Brown’s most controversial book, The Da Vinci Code. I like how he weaved facts, legends and fiction in the book, but the movie was a drastic disappointment. Next fiction I had was a classic which even the national hero got his inspiration for El Filibusterismo, Alexander Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo. It was an extravagant and luxurious literary work about vengeance and again, the book is way better than the movie adaptation.

Lastly, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, The Golden Compass is my first one to collect in a series. Yes, I’m collecting all three. This is not like Harry Potter that composes of seven books which most come in thick hardbound that make it more expensive — that’s why I prefer it in the movies than in leaves. These books are more of The Lord of the Rings, a contemporary classic. His Dark Materials are made of three books, The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. I only have the first one so I have to buy the next two soon.

The Golden Compass will also be shown at theaters in December — but I’m quite sure it will be moved to January here in the Philippines because of that lame darn stupid Metro Manila Film Fest.

But first, I need to buy the book two when I receive my salary at the end of this month. Oh My! FHM will also have another issue by that time. Which will I choose?

Enjoy the trailer of The Golden Compass!



  1. WOW! Hindi ko alam yan. LOL. At least I learned something new from your blog.

    Anyway, the DVC movie was so lame that I fell asleep in the middle of it. Nakakainis. Haha!

  2. i’ll go for the FHM. 🙂

    i will agree that the da vinci movie wasn’t close to spectacular. but this post got me thinking, maybe fiction writing isnt so bad afterall.

  3. Jhed,
    That is of course, if you really fell asleep in the cinema. There’s a lot of going on in theaters these days!

    It is not really bad, especially if you’ll turn out to be J.K. Rowling or Tolkien’s descendant, you’ll get millions just from the royalties.

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