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I’ve started blogging in Friendster way back in 2005, but only recently I have become active in the blogosphere. When I opened an account here in WordPress this December, I transferred my friendster blog to this one. Importing posts is a piece of cake. Friendster blogs are really shitty.

If some of you really know me, I only became active in this blogging world just this August — actually started July — of 2006 through my blogspot. Communications broaden and more networks connected through the haywires of broadband and dial-up servers. Then here comes Janette Toral and created The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007. Rules say that blogs must be created as of August 2006 up to the present. Being one of those influenced by these blogs I am gladly willing to participate. Not to mention, a hundred bucks is at stake… a chance to make me 5,000 pesos richer.

1. Cokskiblue by Coy
He just started this April of 2007 and oh my! His hits were already overflowing and comments were pouring. Introducing photovloggging in the Philippine blogosphere is really innovative and truly refreshing — it’s a cliché I know, but that’s really how I can describe it. Did I mention that his voice is making female bloggers go-gaga over him?

2. The Dork Factor by Jhed
I am still doubtful if the Dork Factor still fits as the title for his blog. His posts are becoming sensual, provocative and sexual these days and that’s actually one of the reasons why readers crowd his blog. There’s an evolution with every posts that make it delightful and enticing to read.

3. Utakgago by Kevin
Technically, his blog fits in for influential bloggers of 2007 since his own domain just begun this summer. As for emerging, he is not really qualified for that because he already bloomed in 2006 with his blogspot account then transferred to wordpress and currently owned a blog domain. I agree to Benj reasons. Anyway, this kid writes magnificently, and if ever he’ll be considered in this, that will be astounding. But whatever happens, he will still be one of those distinguished writers. Kung nagbabasa ka ngayon Kevin, huwag mong kalimutan pasalubong ko!

4. Puckering Time by Mike
An excruciatingly torturing profound vocabulary is really influential. Having nosebleeds and help from dictionary while reading his blog is beyond doubt enjoying and stimulating. I’m having migraines everytime I visit his blog. Torturing words and sensible thoughts fusion, it’s a sado-masochistic way of living! Being a masochistic myself, I’m gratified deciphering his words and ideas.

5. Exploits of an Advertising Jerk by Marco
A blog of a good friend of mine. He writes effectively and efficiently. His blog is semi-active or semi-dormant, or whatever the state he is in. His posts are not updated regulary. It’s quite understandable because blogging for him is just an outlet, not a hobby per se or as a professional blogger. He began blogging until March 2006 in Friendster and there I’m amazed with his style of writing. If only he’s writing regularly, I’m quite sure audiences will flock his blog. I am not saying this because he is my friend… but indeed, I am subconsciously biased.

6. The Philosophical Bastard by Paolo
The blog of the formerly known podcaster Kuazee. I really don’t have any idea of his blog, since he is generous to compliment, comment and visit my blog he deserves to be in the list too. Just kidding. I love his blog drop series and his keen observation of people online, offline and eff-line. He truly is a philosophical bastard… while I’m a sex-deprived maniac virgin. by Benj
At first, I didn’t consider this guy. Since I put Kevin and Jhed on the list, why not this one. Just like Kevin, he was in blogspot, jumped to wordpress and then owned a domain — I still hope I’ll have my own too. He is one of the foremost influential controversial Filipino blogger. He really do know how to raise a topic and make a name in the Philippine blogosphere. Who would ever forget his reaction from the prayer of the Philippine Blog Awards 2007? Being a debater, it’s his advantage to make a commotion over a simple topic. I just hope he won’t bash my comment and nomination for his blog… I’ll be terrified. [Too bad his oldest post is May 2004, it means his disqualified. Damn importing! Now think porn… err… more!]

7. Wetworks: The Creative Process by Whilce Portacio
Who would have thought that the renowned artist Whilce Portacio will also be in the blogosphere? Yes, his blogging all right. The creator of Bishop of X-Men, Stone and a former co-founder of Image comics has gone blogging. Knowing the ideas and seeing the whole comics process is really amazing — for us artists. His blog is a great help for those aspiring comicbook writers and artists to pursue their dreams and learn new things from the medium. Yes, I’m a fan of Whilce and his works.

8. Happy Slip
Who in the internet or youtube lover will not know Happy Slip? He’ll be damned if he doesn’t know her. Placing 2nd in the YouTube award, it’s a great thing. I love all his video and her perky facial gestures. I even subscribed her videos in iTunes.

9. Culture Shiok
I go vote for our fellow Filipino in Singapore. Infect them with our viral and contagious culture.

10. Nakanampucha
Who will not want to laugh at our very own foolishness. Words, brands or simply signages that are erratic. All we can say with all of those things is Nakanampucha!

Janette said that this nomination is open for any blogs in the world, this is not close to Filipino bloggers right? Does it mean I can nominate Chinese, Jamaicans or any blogs of any tribes in the world for this? COOL!

There are still available slots. I’ll be bloghopping around the world to add more emerging influential blogs in 2007 to complete my list. I am vying for that 100 dollars that’s why I must concentrate to fill all ten. Now, let’s start focusing!

OK! I find it hard to nominate blogs from different tribes. It’s hard to decipher their writings and dialects. Imagine reading chinese, japanese, russian and sumerian blogs — Oh! They are not blogs, they are pornsites, I forgot.

I really have to opt for Filipino blogs, sigh! I thought I can go multi-racial this time.

All completed, now I’ll just wait for that 100 bucks!


  1. may habilin? hahaha!!

    now i don’t believe in this post. JOKE! tumingin ako kahapon sa apple store sa may garden state mall – it’s 300 dollars, as far as i could remember.

    as if naman ibibili kita. =))

  2. is it too late for me to apply in this list? i know how to dance…

  3. Paolo,
    Actually, you’re in queue. I’ll be updating this soon because it’s damn hard to find international emerging influences too, I can’t decipher their languages. LOL

  4. Thanks for adding me up in the list Agent Grey! I’ll link you up. 😀

  5. Cokskiblue,
    Thanks too.

  6. This is…ahhhh. Ayoko na nga. Natatawa lang ako, eh. Ayan, napatagalog tuloy ako.

  7. I agree with all but one of your choices. One of the blogs you mentioned is soooo bad, it’s… well, bad.
    UGH. It doesn’t even live up to the first part of its name – the second part fits nicely.

    Thanks for the mention, but Im disqualified. 🙂 My oldest post is dated May 2004.

  8. Benj,
    Too bad… you should have not imported those old posts. Just like Kevin and Jhed, LOL. I should have not done that too, I maybe vying for the title too.

    So I have to edit again!

  9. OMG, kasama ako?

    This is surrealism.

  10. Mikee,
    OO KASAMA KA… don’t worry this is not a dream!

  11. Hello. It seems that Atheista, Nostalgia Manila, and Aviva Trivia Blog started before August 2006.

    Thank you very much for joining!

  12. Thank you for including me in your list…

    Sorry I missed this post. Been looking for it for a while. Glad to have found it!

    Maraming salamat po!

  13. Hey! Thanks for including Nakanamoucha to your list! Much appreciated! Will strive harder to provide more hilarious (and similarly irritating) pinoy images, sinages, anecdotes, etc… for everyone to enjoy!

    More power man! Cheers! 😛

    – Chuck of Nakanampucha!

  14. Thank you again for joining this writing project. See you this Wednesday!

  15. Hi po! I see that you will be attending the Eyeball of the Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007 this Wednesday. Hope to see you there! Happy Blogging!

  16. I hope to see you sa EB…

  17. Janette, Karlo, Lionheart,
    Surely you will! See yah!

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