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“Wala ka bang planong mag-abroad?” the gym owner asked me.
“Wala eh”, I replied.

Working abroad is the least of my plans. If ever I’ll leave my beloved country, it’s not for working, I will live there for good. There’s a lot of job opportunities overseas, and the rate for a graphic designer is beyond a third world country employee can imagine. Anyone who’s thirsty for those greens will be easily seduced. Since I am not easily tempted, my thoughts of staying in this deprived, corrupted and underestimated lands are fixed until there’s a justified opportunity comes.

Whenever that opportunity arrives, I will choose Europe over America. There’s more to discover in Europe not mentioning all the luxuries and the European dreams I wanted. Black teas instead of coffee, luscious cuisines and those French maid costume fantasies. Touring around the historical landmarks in Rome, Paris and Spain are my most sought-after jetsetting dreams. Especially, seeing the Mona Lisa at The Louvre, climbing the steels of the Eiffel Tower, boating the waters of Venice and being horned by bulls in Barcelona will delight me.

Why Europe and not America? There’s a lot of Filipinos living in America and these Americans don’t notice that Chinese movies, Korean TV series and Filipino talents are slowly invading their motherland. But really, there’s a lot of Pinoys in the US now. I prefer eating Italian’s small servings than munching on unswallowable unhealthy burgers. I choose an Englishman’s intellectual racist remarks over those American’s senseless criticism. I favor sleeping with Frenchwoman’s hairy armpit than with a girl who thinks Paris Hilton is a goddess.

I’m sounding like a racist. No, I’m not. I am not an anti-American, I love their Burger King. How can you hate a country that makes a brilliant popcorn movie and turning a dumb yellow sponge into a celebrity?

I’m wanting to travel the Europe yet I don’t have the most important thing to cross borders. I must get a passport first. Silly me.



  1. Czech Republic.. here I come! Haha!

    Seriously, mas gusto ko rin sa Europe. Napaka-diverse ng kanilang culture compared sa Americanzzzz.

  2. europe’s absolutely the better choice!

  3. I prefer Europe over America as well. *dreams…* nice blog 🙂

  4. OK… everyone here is opting to Europe, then I’ll be going to Russia instead. LOL.

  5. that’s only because i’m already in the US so I know how boring it is here. think about it, everwhere in europe there’s a dead guy 6 feet under you. and he’s “famous.”

  6. Paolo,
    Dead guy 6 feet below me and “famous”? That’s spooky… and COOL!!!

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