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This was a one helluva week. A lot of thingamajig happened that put all those trauma and paranoia displaced. I still have hangovers from all the events that occurred this week. It was not a blast though but all of those things made me exuberant the whole week.

Monday. Everyone was crowding the public schools, rushing before 3pm to cast their votes for the nationwide midterm election. I woke early with sweat that soaked me on my bed. I didn’t have enough sleep the night before too because I was still extremely bothered by my brother’s act. So I woke early that morning, grabbed breakfast, went to the precinct and casted my vote with my almost-suicidal cousin. I got my fingernail blotted with indelible ink and we went back home afterwards.

The same day on that bloody hot afternoon we went to SM Mall of Asia to buy some groceries and to have some small fun too. My niece and her mother joined us stroll the humongous mall. Mucous was already building up inside my nostrils and it started to become runny. When we were already having our snack in French Baker, I almost could not finish my carbonara because I was sneezing my brains out. It was tremendous, it was humiliating. But at least I finished their tasty carbonara, and I found new love with their ice cold lemonade.

Tuesday. It was just an ordinary day at work and at home, but not that night. After my grueling workout and after that pleasurable cold shower, I was busy rampaging my thumb on my cellphone while I was eating my dinner. My thumbs gone numb as I was continuously texting someone that cleared all those traumatic thoughts out of my cranium. When the clock struck 12 midnight, there was a realization, an overwhelming revelation that put me to sleep with cheers on my face. It was an awesome gift and start for my day, my birthday.

Wednesday. May 16. Our town’s feast. My birthday. There were already text messages in my cellphone’s inbox. Some were sent at dawn of the same day. My mobile phone was busy all day receiving quotes and greetings from marvelous friends. I decided to go to work and to not spend my day at home because there was already a hunch that the feast would be just crappy. I went online, and as friends were going online they were greeting me too. I was really overwhelmed by their wishes and compliments. When all the day’s work was done and got back home after a long walk from EDSA to our home, my mom prepared pasta and chicken for our dinner. It was just a small dinner for our family, but the food was already enough to put me smile more.

I was informed that our town’s fiesta was indeed shitty. I didn’t care anyway, I was excruciatingly happy that day. My aura was bright that day. There were no booze to feast on that night for there was no budget to spend on it. Even if I would celebrate that day, friends and colleagues would only hesitate to come or be drowned with liquor because it was a weekday and the next day would be another day for work. To celebrate or not to celebrate, I was still happy that day. My birthday was not a blast but I was ecstatically happy.

The rest of the week was far less ordinary. They were just plain ordinary hot summery day again. Who cares with hot humid days, I’m here at the office busy and cooling down with the room’s 2 horse-power aircon. So to those people there having their meltdown vacation at their home, be jealous and envy us people in the workforce staying in cool boxed-up offices.

Tomorrow, there will be a booze night out with my good old friends. I’m still thinking if I’ll go. Ayaw kong makantsawan ng ‘Libre’.


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  1. Hmm. I wonder who was that person who erased all those traumatic blahblah in your system. I guess she/he was the one who set the mood for your birthday cause, well, she/he relieved the tensions.

    Well, at least we made you happy. 🙂

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