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Dinner was served at 7:30 pm last night and my moments in front of TV watching this new animé in Animax was not yet over. I was late for dinner, I sat down at my corner of the dining table while they were already washing the dishes. Pork and beans was our viand last night and I finished eating quickly. I popped a tablet to cure my recurring illness and expect its side effects to drowse me.

Mindset was telling me to use the computer that night, so there I came in front of the monitor and started messing in the cyberspace. Minutes later, winged ants were flying around our home flocking every light they saw in our turf. Turning off all the lights inside our house was an option to drive them to the outside lamp instead. In a little while, winged ants swarmed the lamp. They were already covering every light that comes out of the lamp. I tell you, they were not just swarms, it was one of the ten plagues occured in our small home. Those winged ants had gone wild and partied over the fluorescent lamp they thought was a disco ball.

All lights and monitors were turned off to cast them out of our home. I decided to go out but as I was walking through the door while our house was enveloped with darkness, those creatures were already sticking on my sweaty sexy body crawling and creeping over my bare skin. Even ants were lured by irresistible sexiness, darn! Getting out from that swarm was not easy so I had to sway them off my skin and clothes. Infuriated as I walked out of our winged ants infested home, there were more outside, they were also swarming the street lamps and cars’ floodlights.

Then, when those pesky creepers subsided their quantities, I went back home and continued hanging around the wires of the information gateway. Played some online games and pestered with online friends through chatrooms alongside with the power of my headset. It was dawn again when my eyes laid to rest while my head was still bumming the chatrooms… in dreams.

Good thing, I still woke up early this morning but I had to skip my workout tonight. Bummer!



  1. Workout? Sa gabi?

  2. Oh, I think I remember this one. Ahaha

    Except the ant details, of course. Miss the confes.

  3. Jhed,
    Yap, I can’t workout during daytime so my sched is usually at night… but not midnight of course.

    You’re one of those culprits why I stayed after midnight that time. LOL.

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