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Van’s aircon didn’t work to chill our bodies down. We were caught up in traffic in MIA road so the vehicle turned around again and chose South Luzon Expressway to be our route to the birthday/christening party at BF Homes in Parañaque. Another traffic held us slow before we arrived at the venue two hours late.

Clowns were already busy fooling with tricks to the innocent kids, some guests were already leaving while some were busy grinding meat with their teeth, while we arrived late saw those sumptuous meals. Meals were catered by the known Tamayo’s catering, their foods were fine; mediocre for my taste. I took portions of their lenggua, children’s spaghetti, chowder soup and fish something with other seafoods in there. I enjoyed lenggua the most because it was chewy soft and almost melted in my mouth. Being a pasta lover I despised their spaghetti, it was bland and they used ground pork in it. The other meals came okay. Then came the dessert, they were tarts and brownies. None in our tables liked it, and I didn’t like it that much, the pistachio nuts in the tarts were overwhelming. The brownies was made of cheap flour and cocoa powder.

It was dim that afternoon but humidity and heat pierced our skin. We decided to stay inside the host’s domain and chilled in their homey living room. The den became our haven from the heat outside. The whole living room and den was cooled by the two split-type aircons; centralized for many. If it was just my abode, I would have slept on their cozy sofa or just watched pirated DVD’s with their large flat-screen Panasonic TV — how I wish it was a plasma TV instead.

Later, the games were held, there was also a pabitin for adults. Prizes were cellphone prepaid loads for Sun and Globe. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luck to grab any of those 100-peso Globe loads, darn! Guests and children were starting to leave the vicinity and the boozes were now ready for the real party. The booze didn’t drive my fancy yesterday, I was in no mood to drink and be drowned with liquors. Instead, I went berserk eating from the buffet table. I nibbled green salad dressed with thousand island and beef cuts topped with mustard. Yum! I loved the beef cuts… or rather the mustard.

Moon rose above and my not-so-full stomach gave in to dinner. The caterers still served the same meal that afternoon, but I hadn’t tasted everything yet. Since beer and tequila didn’t amazed me that night, I had another meal. I grabbed pieces of lechon baboy, another lenggua, and the soup-looking fetuccine. Satisfied once again by that dinner, I seated with the others and converse with them. They were drinking beer, tequila and brandy, while I gulping with pure cold water. Then, there was a commotion, they were slathering icings on faces. I was victimized but reacted as if nothing happened. One even telling to his victims “Huwag ka ng papalag para di na malagyan ang buhok mo.”, then the victim will not refuse only realizing she had a handful of icing on her face. I cleansed my face and remained at the den to avoid the commotion, cooled down and waited until all else decided to go home.

All else agreed to go home, we rode the van again but this time the aircon was doing fine since the night was not that scorching anymore. We stretched the way home through the SLEX once again but less traffic and the ride was smooth.

I didn’t enjoy the party that much, since it was for kids and not on the mood; a killjoy. I had fun munching, nibbling and criticizing the meals instead and did enjoy the cold air brought by their split-type aircon. Now, getting back to home and reality, I’m already melting with this ugly hot weather.



  1. It is HOT. Ahaha. Can’t do anything about it.

    And it’s a children’s party. Hay. You really won’t enjoy it. At least, the food’s nice.

  2. Hi Brian. Thanks for the link. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  3. Yna,
    I could have enjoyed but I was not really in the zone that time, buti na lang maraming pagkain.

    This is not Brian. Wrong send?


    Read your Welcome post and guess where I deduced “Brian”. WAAAAAAAAAAH.

  5. LOL @ Benj

    If you tagged us along, malamang.. the children’s party will not be for children anymore. Haha! J/k.

  6. Benj,
    Who’s Brian anyway?

    Kasama na naman kayo? Aren’t you tired with our faces?

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