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Why was I not born rich? Those words keep on popping in my head and always disrupting my subtle behavior. I was not born with a silverspoon in my mouth or should I say a macbook in my mouth — just to go with the modern day. Blue skies and white clouds are always up there waiting for me to tilt my head upwards and receive my daily shoutouts.

“Sana manalo na si mommy sa lotto.”

But I won’t be ranting about my mom’s daily struggles betting on the million jackpot prize of lotto, instead, I’ll post about the reasons why I want my mom to win that most coveted millions.

Tech cravings. As my eyes draw its attention to the new gadgets flashed on TV’s, magazines and the net, my mouth drools a bucket of saliva. My hands are groping the pages and the screen as my obsession rises while my brain goes berserk daydreaming those desired stuffs in my palms. Two Macs (one Macbook and one iMac G5) and a highly modified PC will delight my savvy. The Macs are useful to enhance my profession and as well as bragging while the PC will be useful for the pirated PC games bought at Makati Cinema Square and for general usage; the Macs are all mine! By early 2008, iPhone will be released here in Asia and the Philippines for sure will not allow being left out. Nokia and Sony Ericsson — I still love my Moto — move over because the luscious iPhone is going to get me… I hope. Plasma TV, PS3, Blu-Ray players, and vibrating fake vagina sex toys, I just can’t wait to have them.

Independence. Moving out of my parents backyard and having my own flat, bachelor pad or home will be great; orgasmic as I may say. I love my parents, but at my age now, I must stand with my own legs. Parental sermons and advices are getting nauseous and inflating my nerves, I need to learn by myself and not being dictated or watched by my parents guarding eyes. I am 23 (turning 24 soon), I may not have many experiences but I must discover them at my own risk. Having my own home means house parties or running naked up and down the stairs without anyone getting bothered with my balls dangling frontways, backways and sideways. Girls will always be welcome in my humble abode while we play in a room where the paints, furnitures and designs are by my preferences. I can even make a secret passage in my bookshelf that makes way to the batcave. Oh my I should have not said that, my identity is revealed.

Entrepreneurship. Of course, millions of pesos (or dollars) are not like the bottomless drinks of your favorite resto or fastfood chains. We need profit too. I’m thinking owning a computer shop or/and a fitness center, which both are close to my heart. Graphic design studio will be the ultimate of those desired businesses. Being a boss is better than being a corporate slave forever, I may not be as big as the Ayalas or even Bill Gates, but at least I don’t have a master to serve… unless I have a wife by then. If I want bigger income, drug trafficking and sex dens are still my options.

The blue skies and the white clouds are now waiting outside again for me. My wish is ready and my bag doesn’t need to be prepped. All I have to do is wait for our bundy clock to scream its gleeful alarm and step outside the building as I navigate my way home. I will then look up, stare at the clouds and whisper my desires. Then, hope for my mom win the lotto in which has a one in a million chance; impossible if not rarely possible. Sticking to strive through the career ladder is a better option to grab that millions.

If I really want gazillions and tons of money, there’s another way; hope that I’m an adapted child and my biological parents are the Sys, not the Cojuangcos I don’t want to be ugly too or the Ayalas.



  1. Haha! I have a lot of frustrations too. I want all the latest gadgets and everything. Hay. I used to fantasize being super-duper rich and going to Europe is like a walk from the house to a nearby sari-sari store. Hay.

    Plus, I can get all the men that I want. LOOOOOOOOL.

    Nagtataka nga ako sa Cojuancos. Ang dami nilang pera, bakit hindi sila magpa-retoke! Haha!

  2. Jhed,
    Not again!? LOL

    Mga intsik din kasi kaya nagtitipid!

  3. LOOOOOOL@Jhed!

    We’re all asking for that, Agent Grey. Oooooh. We all want to be rich and buy everything money could buy.

    But, yech. We’re here. Just gotta make something of what we have.

  4. I think we all want those things, one time or another. It’s not bad to dream about ’em. But let’s just say let’s not get too carried away with the dreamlike images. Rather, we should focus on what we have on our hands right now that we could use to get at those images.

    Anyway, I would want to have a fitness center for a business, too. And a coffeeshop with a library 🙂

  5. Yna,
    Yeah, and becoming rich will come later… any seconds from now.

    Will I have a discount when I order a frap in your coffeeshop?

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