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Earth has gone mad and the sun scorched its terrible warmth that transformed our bedroom into an oven. My feet dragged me yesterday to SM Mall of Asia to cool down in their air conditioned facilities and chill down with couple of friends while watching web-slinging Spiderman 3 on the silver screen.

Starbucks was our refuge while we waited for others to arrive. Joe came the earliest at 3:30pm, I came second, then Kevin, then Aaron while Rens arrived with grand entrance and marching bands behind him. Youngsters ordered their frappuccinos, I followed a little while and ordered Coffee Jelly to quench my drought and filled my stomach with whipped cream and coffee-blended gulaman. All else came late from the desired time of meeting, but who cares anyway? Punctuality is for business meetings and formal events. We came to MoA to have fun and waste our knees’ uric acid to stroll that gigantic mall.

Long line at MoA’s cinema universal counter surprised us. People of different faces, cultures, orientation, religion and favorite foods came in line with only one focus in their head; watch Spiderman 3. It was jampacked with people, so we put Rens in line to prove his worth. Rens was left in line, while we strolled the mall and played games in Timezone. A few minutes later, the isolated friend messaged telling he was near the counter, so our foot stepped out the arcade and went back to the cinema counter. Tickets came warm to our hands and headed back again to Timezone since we reserved for 7:25pm screening time and it was just 5:30pm.

SuperTrivia consumed all the Powercard loads of the kids. I waited for another addicted Soul Calibur III gamer to finish his game before I came to my game only discovering after a few battles the machine hanged on me, frustrating. Then, we ate at the foodcourt. Afterwards, went to the theater and finished the most anticipated movie this summer. Boredom and yawns attacked me while watching the tight-fitted red and blue costumed hero nerd swung to emo-ness to a rampaging bad ass in his new symbiote infested suit then back again being the friendly neighborhood. The movie was overwritten, need I say more or should I spoil your cravings and wet dreams of spidey swinging on the big screen?

Night was still young especially for these kids. I — being the eldest of these kids — led them and roamed around the humongous structure and searched for Seattle’s Best Coffee. Another ice blended treats tempted us and those seats outside were screaming our names and telling us to hangout a while before heading home. Minutes passed as we talked about anything. Came 11:30, all agreed to go back home.

Arriving at 12:30am at home, my night was not yet over. I posed for a couple of flashes of my digicam only afterwards erasing them all before eating my very late dinner.

The moon maybe up there and I was late for my bed, it was not over yet. I still swung with those high-rise buildings while looking for another ice blended treats in coffee shops in my dreams.



  1. Billycoy nga ‘to.

    So, new blog on WordPress. Man, the English is great!

    When somebody told me that this is you, hindi ako makapaniwala! Ahaha


    So, you did not enjoy watching Spidey? Ugh, sa dami ng reviews, kay Papa Shrek na lang ako!

  2. Billycoy doesn’t exist here… hahaha

    It’s me, Agent Grey who rules this place. Actually, this is not new, this is my friendster’s blog, I just migrated my posts here a (few) month ago.

    Anyway, you go watch and judge it for your own. Or maybe just wait it in pirated DVD’s.

  3. Nagulat ako ng mag-appear ito sa aking Technorati. Haha!

    Did you really enjoy the company of those kids? LOL. Just kidding. But I bet it’s waaaay better if I tagged along diba? Haha! Yeah, no Jhed means no fun. LOL.

  4. Jhed,

    Actually, we had more fun than when with you around… LOL

    Just kidding.

    Ikaw kasi eh, kulang pa sa influence!

  5. Nagulat ako kung sino ‘to. Eto na ba yung blog ng dakilang alalay ni billycoy? Hehehe. Nice one.

  6. Wow, Darwin. You knew that thru me?

    Okay, hi then, Agent Grey. Nice meeting you. Pa-update naman nung link.

  7. Darwin, actually I’m the boss of Billycoy. LOL

    Yna, sure!

  8. If you’re the Boss of Billycoy and the one who goes to the parties is the alipin of Billycoy, I suppose that your sex appeal, beauty, and over-all whatever is waaaaaay superior compare to those two?!

  9. Yna, it will be blasphemous… but yes I’m a god!

  10. What can I say.

    Wala naman. 🙂 Till next time. We should’ve had lots of time for ice skating.

  11. grrr (spam lang) hehehe

  12. utakgago,
    yung isa kasi dyan eh!

    woof woof!

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